(criteria to be included in affiliated Club Rules)

The Mandatory Club Rules, also termed “agreed standardised Rules” were developed during the years 1998 and 1999 by a large working group comprising representatives of affiliated clubs and WCRA committee members.

The intent was to standardise on certain key Rules, relating to affiliation and canine welfare. The objective was not to dictate to clubs but instead make sure that all affiliated clubs were happy with a Rule before it was agreed. For instance, a minimum age for club racing was not agreed as clubs had differing views on the matter.

Particularly with canine welfare, the mandatory Rules set MINIMUM standards. If clubs wish to set higher standards they are encouraged to do so.

Clubs may frame the wording of each mandatory Rule as they wish. However, for a club to affiliate, the wording must meet or exceed the requirements of the mandatory Rule concerned.

Mark Etheridge

1. All Whippets must be Kennel Club Registered

2. Each Affiliated Club shall have one Official who is a member of The Whippet Club.

3. Fighting

Fighting occurs when a Whippet deliberately and aggressively impedes the progress of one or more Whippets during a race by turning it’s head.

It is not fighting when:-

  1. A Whippet ‘lays on’ another Whippet to stop it passing.
  2. A Whippet tries to jump over the whippet ahead of it.
  3. A strong and determined Whippet shoves its way through the dog(s) ahead of it.
  4. A Whippet runs to the inside or outside (even on a straight track) e.g. So that it is on the rails ready for a bend and in doing so pushes other whippet(s) out of the way.
  5. A Whippet barks while racing.
  6. A Whippet retaliates when interfered with, because the race ends with the first offence.

The Racing Manager decides when fighting has occurred after consultation with the Track Stewards.

A disqualified Whippet shall take no further part in racing on the day and will be required to trial to the satisfaction of the Racing Manager before being allowed to compete again. (The trial may take place after racing on that day).

For subsequent offences the Whippet shall be suspended for 7 days, and a minimum of 3 satisfactory clearing trials will be required. Clearing Trials should be with at least 3 other dogs in each trial, of equal ability. Each trial should try to replicate the circumstances which led to the disqualification.

The owner shall be provided with a disqualification form, to be completed by the Racing Manager of the Club at which the trials take place.
This form or a duplicate must be forwarded to the club at which the whippet offended.


4. No Puppy shall be permitted to trial behind a mechanical lure until 6 months of age. It is the Racing Manager/Official’s responsibility to ensure that all trials are conducted with the safety and well-being of the puppy foremost.

5. If in the opinion of 3 officials a whippet is considered unfit to run, the owner will be asked to furnish the committee with a letter from a Veterinary Surgeon, declaring the whippet fit to race.

6. The condition of entry to all opens is a valid, WCRA Passport, to be shown on the day of the race meeting.

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