Section 3 – WCRA Registration & Passport Application

3.1Registration is the joint responsibility of the WCRA and the Registrar. The minimum requirement for registration of whippets with the WCRA are:-

  1. Kennel Club Registration
  2. Five generations of registered breeding acceptable to the WCRA and Whippet Club committees who shall have absolute discretion to refuse or rescind the registration of any dog or bitch without being liable to give the owner thereof any reason for such refusal or recession. The owner has the right to initiate the Whippet Club/WCRA Appeals procedure, the outcome of which shall be final and binding. If an appeal is not made within fourteen days, the original decision of the WCRA shall stand and will be final and binding

3.2A whippet under the age of twelve calendar months shall not run in any race conducted under the rules of racing of the WCRA.
3.3A whippet may not be entered for or compete in any race conducted under the rules of racing of the WCRA until:-

  1. It has been duly registered with the WCRA and in possession of its Passport
  2. The whippet’s Passport has been completed and authorised by the Registrar of the WCRA. All Passports are issued solely for the purpose of the Association and are not documents of title or evidence of legal ownership of any whippet. Neither the WCRA nor any of its officials shall be liable for the consequences of any omission or error in or about the issue of any Passport or in respect of any particulars therein.
  3. The height of the whippet shall be under twenty one inches for dogs and under twenty inches for bitches at the shoulder. All whippets must be re-measured when they reach two years of age by two committee members of the club to which the whippet belongs. Notwithstanding this, a whippet entered for the WCRA Championships may be re-measured regardless of age if:
  4. Any two entrants in the same class so request in writing to the racing manager thirty minutes before the scheduled first race, providing the whippet complained of has not been re-measured under paragraph (e).
  5. The Racing Manager of the Championship meeting may request any dog to be re-measured by two members of the WCRA committee providing the whippet has not been previously so treated within the previous twelve months.
  6. The whippet shall weigh a minimum of 14lbs at the age of twelve months. All whippets must be re-weighed when they reach two years of age by two committee members of the club to which the whippet belongs.
3.4If in the opinion of the committee of the WCRA any person has wilfully or knowingly made a false statement in any entry or registration form or any document relating to registration or racing of a whippet or has wilfully or knowingly signed or caused to be signed a false name on such document as foresaid, may be banned forthwith from all race meetings conducted under the rules of racing of the WCRA and further, the registration shall forthwith be rescinded become null and void of any whippet or whippets owned by such person.
3.5A whippet shall be ineligible for registration with the WCRA which has not been duly vaccinated against the recognised canine diseases of distemper, contagious hepatitis, leptospira canicoln, leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae and parvovirus.
3.6On seeking registration of a whippet with the WCRA the owner shall comply with all requirements as detailed on the registration form provided by the WCRA and forward it to the Seconder who will send it to the Registrar. Upon receipt and acceptance of the registration application the Registrar will issue a Passport in the name of the applicant and forward this to the secretary of the applicant’s home club. The applicant should present his whippet to any WCRA Seconder from the approved list or the secretary of the club shown on the applicant’s form for the purpose of recording the whippet’s markings. The WCRA Seconder is empowered to reject any application which does not conform to the Standard of the WCRA and the Kennel Club, and refer the matter to the Registrar. The WCRA registration and re-registration of a whippet with the WCRA will be undertaken free of charge. A charge shall be paid by the owner of each whippet to cover the cost of the Passport of the whippet.
3.7In the event of sale of a registered whippet the vendor shall immediately forward the whippet’s Passport together with the required fee to the Registrar of the WCRA who will record such change of ownership.
3.8Annually, after the first of March each year, the owner of a Passported whippet will obtain the signature of his/her home club’s secretary in each and every Passport. This signature, on a ‘Confirmation of Club Membership Slip’ (hereafter called a sticker) will be attached to the ‘Notes’ page of the Passport and will certify that the owner is a fully paid up member of that club. For the following season that the club will be considered to be the owner’s primary club. Failure to obtain a signed sticker will render the Passport void. Stickers will be forwarded to club secretaries on receipt of the annual affiliation fee and if that affiliation is accepted.

Amended March 2012