Section 2 – WCRA Affiliation & General Conduct Rules

2.1The Secretary & Racing Managers of Racing Clubs affiliated to the WCRA and every person who is an owner of a whippet registered with the WCRA, steward, starter, judge, lure controller, timekeeper and any other official employed in any capacity at a race meeting conducted under the rules of the WCRA, shall be deemed to have read such rules and submitted themselves to such rules, and to the jurisdiction of the committee of the WCRA.
2.2A whippet racing club which agrees to abide by the rules of the Whippet Club and the WCRA may apply to the Secretary for affiliation. Whippet racing clubs affiliated to the WCRA shall submit after 1st January but no later than the 1st March in each year, an annual affiliation fee along with a copy of their current rules and a full list of the committee, these rules being the rules which will stand for the forthcoming year, and changes in the committee during the year, for approval by the WCRA committee of continued affiliation. An affiliated club which fails to pay the affiliation fee will automatically be dis-affiliated and will not receive the benefits of affiliation.
2.3As a condition of affiliation there will be strictly no betting or money prizes at any meeting where a condition of entry are whippets’ WCRA identity book (hereafter called the passport).
2.4The decision of the WCRA on the day shall be final. The WCRA will report such decision to the Whippet Club committee.
2.5As a condition of affiliation, the affiliated clubs must, when requested, supply one helper for each Championship race meeting.
2.6In all cases where basic breaches of discipline are abused in relation to WCRA Passported dogs, at a club or Open level, with blatant disregard to the whippet welfare, the WCRA shall have direct recourse to the committee of the affiliated club, in matters of admonishment and solution of the problem.
2.7The WCRA and its officials shall be indemnified against injury to any person or dog, and loss of personal property, at any race meeting advertised as being conducted under the rules of racing of the said association as a condition of affiliation.
2.8The title of Whippet Club Racing Champion will be given to whippets who have won two finals at WCRA Championship meetings and the title of Veteran Crown will be given to whippets winning one Veteran final at a Veteran Crown meeting.
2.9At the WCRA committee’s discretion any person who is found guilty of acting in an unsporting, ungentlemanly, violent or intimidating manner to persons or dogs, or in any manner to bring the WCRA, the Whippet Club or an affiliated club into disrepute may be suspended from the WCRA activities. Any suspension shall be reported to the Whippet Club committee.
2.10Any affiliated club which in the opinion of the WCRA committee, is acting in a manner which is considered to be unsporting or not in the best interests of the WCRA, may have their affiliation suspended. Any suspension shall be reported to the Whippet Club committee.
2.11The WCRA has the power to ban any person for an indefinite period from holding a WCRA passport, who has administered or attempted to administer or connived at the administration for any improper use to a whippet of any quantity of any substance which by its nature could affect the performance of a whippet, the original of which or in the tissue, boy fluids or excreta of the whippet could not be traced to normal ordinary feeding or care, to the owner of the whippet found to be running at any event where WCRA Passports are required for entry.