Championship Dates and Formats for 2020

1st WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns
Sunday, 26th April / Main 150 yards Straight; Veterans 150 yards Straight /

Closing Date: 5th April

2nd Championships and Superstars Veteran Sprint
Sunday, 14th June / Main 220 yards Bend / Veterans 100 yards straight /

Closing Date: 24th May

3rd Championships & Veteran Crowns
Sunday, 9th August / Main 165 yards Straight; Veterans 150 yards Straight /

Closing Date: 19th July

4th Championships & Superstars Veteran Sprint
Sunday, 4th October / Main 220 yards Bend / Veterans 100 yards Straight /

Closing Date: 13th September

2020 Entry Fees

The entry fees for the Championships have remained the same for many years and the decision to increase them has not been taken lightly. However, the passport application and club affiliation fees remain unchanged. The new entry fees are as follows:-

Whippet Club Members: First Entry £8; subsequent dog(s) £6.
Non Whippet Club Members: First Entry £9.50; subsequent dog(s) £7.50

WCRA Golden Anniversary / 50 Years Celebrations

We will be offering the opportunity for people to sponsor one or more weight groups in the Main Championships, Veteran Crowns and Veteran Superstars Sprint.

The cost for sponsorship will be £10 per group per Championships or £30 for all 4 Championships for 1 group. There will be an option to commemorate a person or dog for a specific weight group or groups which will be published and displayed in the Program accordingly.

We also have an exciting new Competition specially for the 50th Anniversary – a sweepstake.

The winner will be drawn on the day of each Championship and presented with a voucher for an artist portrait drawing for one of your dogs worth over £50. The artist will use a photo of your choosing or we can take a photo on the day of the draw.

The tickets will be £2 each and available only before the day either with the entry form for the Championships or apply separately to Mark Etheridge for 1 or more tickets. More details will be published in due course.

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