WCRA Championships – Using the Dartford Crossing

There is a certain amount of mis-information and scaremongering being published regarding the use of the Dartford Crossing, which those in the East of the country will have to use to reach the Championship meetings in Detling. Here are the true facts.

You will no longer be able to pay at the toll booth as used to be the case. Vehicles now drive straight through and their number plates are read and recorded by NPR cameras.

You therefore need to pay your toll fee in advance. This can be done by four ways. You can simply ring up and pay using a debit or credit card, you pay at something called a “Payzone”, these are usually located in newsagents shops up and down the country and your nearest can be located through the Dartford Crossing website (I looked at two towns just for research, Bolton and Ipswich – both have ten outlets offering the service, so it’s reasonable to suppose you won’t be far away from at least one) You can also open an account either online or over the phone. You need to deposit a minimum sum of £20 which is used up by the toll fee each time you use the crossing. You will be sent a reminder to top up your account according to how you have set up the parameters. You can also pay by post.

Paying in advance gets you a discount so not only is it easier, it is cheaper too. If you have NOT paid in advance, you can still use the crossing and have until midnight of the following day to pay the toll. If you don’t pay by this time you will be issued with a penalty notice of £70, just like a parking ticket which needs to be paid within 28 days. If you pay within 14 days however, the charge is reduced to £35. Still hefty enough though, so paying in advance is obviously recommended!

Those living in the North, North West and Midlands should use the M1 or M40 then go anti-clockwise on the M25. That way you won’t need to use the Crossing at all, and mileage wise there is very little difference.

This may be of some use —-> https://www.dartford-crossing-charge.service.gov.uk/Home/Choose

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