The Whippet Club Championship Show Results – Saturday 5th April 2014

Championship Show 2014 Winners

Dog Judge – Mr J McLeod

Special Veteran Dog (7-9 years) (5:1abs)

  • 1st Rishworth’s Daleko Highland Boy
  • 2nd Bellamy’s Palmik Midnight Express
  • 3rd Snelgrove’s Ch Huntinghill the Jazz Man JW
  • Res Traylor’s Who’s The Daddy

Special Veteran Dog (10 + years) (1)

  • 1st Pirie’s Ch Tazi Falcon at Limasfault JW

Minor Puppy Dog (12:4)

  • 1st Warner & Hetherington’s Savuka Viva Las Vegas
  • 2nd Webber’s Dark Wing
  • 3rd Head’s Demerlay Hitting It Hard
  • Res Hocking’s El Regalo
  • VHC Harris’ Stonifleet Shades of Gold

Puppy Dog (12:3)

  • 1st Whittaker-Crosby’s Mulcair May Contain Nutz
  • 2nd Falcus’ Veredon McBlack
  • 3rd Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo
  • Res Severn’s Nattah Silver Lining
  • VHC Turnbull’s Turnstone Prince of Passion

Junior Dog (9:2)

  • 1st Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Live to Tell JW
  • 2nd Jones’ Jothryn Bjorn To Love
  • 3rd Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset
  • Res Wilkinson’s Rowangarth Wind of Change by Fletchgate
  • VHC Field’s Spyanfly Surely Not

Yearling Dog (16:1)

  • 1st Davies & Gilmour’s Marimay Moses
  • 2nd Keenan, Smith & Mixides’ Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa
  • 3rd Allen’s Zoraden Vanilla Latte JW
  • Res Copley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunrise
  • VHC Dufty & Morland’s Triken Never Stop Dreaming

Maiden Dog (12:2)

  • 1st Mulcair May Contain Nutz
  • 2nd Stormalong Romantic Romeo
  • 3rd Nattah Silver Lining
  • Res Dark Wing
  • VHC Demerlay Hitting It Hard

Novice Dog (6:3)

  • 1st Armstrong’s Mulcair Must Contain Nutz
  • 2nd Cox & Cartwright’s Hawk Moth at Rearsbylea
  • 3rd Illingsworth & Anderson-Illingsworth’s Birkonbrae Star Dancer

Undergraduate Dog (3)

  • 1st Veredon Vanilla Sunset
  • 2nd Doherty’s Creme Anglaise’s Urban Dancer for Littlebriton
  • 3rd Field’s Derohan Masked Marvel

Post Graduate Dog (17:3)

  • 1st Allen’s Zoraden Gingerbread Latte JW
  • 2nd Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Jenesis
  • 3rd Head’s Demerlay Plumcreek Maverik
  • Res Lyons’ Marandike Make It Your Own for Marlbank
  • VHC Sinclair’s Soethond’s Othello

Mid-Limit Dog (10:2)

  • 1st Smith’s Courthill Crimson Shadow ShCM
  • 2nd Grisoli & Bowyer’s Loroli Jump to the Beat
  • 3rd Keenan, Smith & Mixides’ Citycroft Star Gazing over Yialousa
  • Res Pirie’s Bosmere Blueberry Ripple at Limasfault JW ShCM
  • VHC Shepherd’s Nattah In Sync with Oxana JW ShCM

Limit Dog (21:2)

  • 1st Sykes’ Nevedith Woofa Wizard of Veredon
  • 2nd Dillon’s Collooney Billy The Whizz JW
  • 3rd Holland’s Elmanash Grandeur
  • Res Mycroft’s Supeta’s Breaking Dawn
  • VHC Thomson’s Berwicklaw Harbour Master ShCM

Open Dog (16:2)

  • 1st Eades’ Ch Courthill Cast A Spell
  • 2nd Mycroft’s Ch Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM
  • 3rd Halbert’s Ch Benzfreya Major Drummer
  • Res Copley’s Ch Veredon VIP JW
  • VHC Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazztastic

Dog CC – Marimay Moses

Reserve Dog CC – Courthill Crimson Shadow ShCM

Best Puppy Dog – Mulcair May Contain Nutz

Best Veteran Dog – Ch Tazi Falcon at Limasfault JW

Bitch Judge – Mrs C Osborne

Special Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (9:1)

  • 1st Keenan, Smith & Mixides’ Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW ShCM
  • 2nd Mason’s Aphrael Damhan-Allaidh
  • 3rd Vaughn’s Shirotae Silken Lady
  • Res Turnbull’s Ch Spinneyhill Genevieve at Turnstone
  • VHC Bennett’s Stormburst Water Lily

Special Veteran Bitch 10 + Years (5:1)

  • 1st Wilkinson’s My Black Lass
  • 2nd Burgess’ Welstar As You Like It at Monelli
  • 3rd Hills’ Shimmeree Blue Chiffon
  • Res Smith’s Welstar Lady Macbeth at Cryhavoc

Minor Puppy Bitch (16)

  • 1st Hills’ Shimmeree Chantilly Lace
  • 2nd Webber’s Diamond Web
  • 3rd Head’s Demerlay Endless Love
  • Res Warner’s Supeta’s Hocas Pocas with Skyegold
  • VHC Sykes’ Supeta’s Black Magique of Veredon

Puppy Bitch (14:2)

  • 1st Baldwin & Campbell’s Rushden What’s Yours in Mine
  • 2nd Allen’s Azarin Corsica at Zoraden (Imp Pol)
  • 3rd Courtney’s Courtbirch Scarlet O’Hara
  • Res Turnbull’s Turnstone Mamma Mia
  • VHC Bainbridge’s Turnstone My Secret Dream of Moonswift

Junior Bitch (20:5)

  • 1st Rees & Jones’ Kierpark Sweet Child of Mine
  • 2nd Oliver’s Spyanfly Say I’m Sexy
  • 3rd Courtney’s Spyanfly Saucy Socks
  • Res Gillespie’s Penbriar She’s A Lady
  • VHC Jackson’s Loroli Miss Dynamite at Kirchilli

Yearling Bitch (18:7)

  • 1st Little, Grace & Twaddle’s Sasilasy Daisy Dares You
  • 2nd Dufty & Morland’s Triken Dreams Come True
  • 3rd Fisher’s Marleben Mystical Medusa
  • Res Halbert’s Marimay Cleopatra
  • VHC Whittaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble

Maiden Bitch (17:4)

  • 1st Gillespie’s Penbriar Duchess
  • 2nd Turnstone Mamma Mia
  • 3rd Demerlay Endless Love
  • Res Wood’s Stormalong Romantic Rosina
  • VHC Heslam’s Jodana Mystical Mover

Novice Bitch (9)

  • 1st Kierpark Sweet Child of Mine
  • 2nd Spyanfly Saucy Socks
  • 3rd Bayley’s Ashvillebur Amaryllis
  • Res Carlton’s Runaround Operettas
  • VHC Steer’s Kaymark Born to Be My Baby

Undergraduate Bitch (11:6)

  • 1st Colclough’s Aphrodite Love over Wilver
  • 2nd Davies’ Pasharif Play Misty for Me
  • 3rd Wood’s Ardencote Solitaire
  • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Blue Denim
  • VHC Stock’s Kordaline Ophelia at Shemist

Post Graduate Bitch (18:8)

  • 1st Hunt’s Lavinia Love
  • 2nd Mason’s Aphrael What A Performance
  • 3rd King’s Demerlay Brown Sugar at Daleko
  • Res Lawrence’s Kierpark Memphis Bell with Bryntreia
  • VHC Wignall’s Starswift Sunbeam

Mid-Limit Bitch (15:3)

  • 1st Rees & Jones’ Kierpark Don’t Stop Me Now ShCM
  • 2nd Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Chance To Dream
  • 3rd Short’s Collooney Whoopee Do Dora JW
  • Res Reynier-Yates’ Diaghilev Prima Ballerina JW
  • VHC Fisher’s Marleben Myracle Mover

Limit Bitch (11:1)

  • 1st Grisoli’s Loroli Let’s Boogie
  • 2nd Hooper’s Charuzian Sapphire
  • 3rd Short’s Collooney Tartan Tart
  • Res Mixides’ Yialousa Scarlett Ribbon
  • VHC Severn’s Jasarat Serenade at Nattah

Open Bitch (14:3)

  • 1st Morris, Waddell & Green’s Crosscop Count On Me JW
  • 2nd Yacoby-Wright’s Ch Tylco Cobyco Paranoia (Imp Pol)
  • 3rd Beckett-Hughes’ Ch Collooney Ravishing Rita of Mulranny JW
  • Res Oliver’s Spyanfly Shake It On Down
  • VHC Hills’ Shimmeree Black Wincyette

Bitch CC – Loroli Let’s Boogie

Reserve Bitch CC – Crosscop Count On Me JW

Best Puppy Bitch – Shimmeree Chantilly Lace

Best Veteran Bitch – My Black Lass

Special Awards Classes – Judge: Miss C Boggia

Special Award Junior Dog or Bitch (16:1)

  • 1st Morris, Waddell, Service & Place’s Khabaraytime Hello Crosscop
  • 2nd Mulcair Meerkat Marble
  • 3rd Doherty & van der Schaaf’s Creme Anglaise’s Sacre Coeur (taf)
  • Res Spyanfly Say I’m Sexy
  • VHC Rushden What’s Yours in Mine

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch (16:3)

  • 1st Zoraden Vanilla Latte JW
  • 2nd Spyanfly Shake It On Down
  • 3rd Crosscop Count On Me JW
  • Res Jones’ Dainty Dollie at Jothryn
  • VHC Supeta’s Breaking Dawn

Special Award Champion Dog or Bitch (4)

  • 1st Ledger’s Ch Tradewind Touch of Magic ShCM
  • 2nd Wood’s Ch Ardencote What A Cracker
  • 3rd Ch Supeta’s Razzalicious JW ShCM
  • Res Ch Collooney Ravishing Rita of Mulranny JW

BEST IN SHOW – Marimay Moses

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Loroli Let’s Boogie

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Shimmeree Chantilly Lace

BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Ch Tazi Falcon at Limasfault JW

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