Best In Show line up whippets

Photo © Pauline Oliver | Paulineoliverfotos


Class 1 Special Veteran Dog (7-9 years) (6,2)

  • 1st Wilkinson’s CH Fletchgate Star Walker ShCM
  • 2nd Johnston’s CH Collooney Tricky Dicky JW ShCM
  • 3rd Osborne’s CH Loroli Authorized by Derohan JW
  • Res Leach’s Willingwisp Star Gazer

Class 2 Special Veteran Dog (10 + years) (4,2)

  • 1st Reed’s Dejare Cobweb
  • 2nd Traynor’s Who’s the Daddy

Class 3 Minor Puppy Dog (9,3)

  • 1st Jackson’s Kirchilli Sweet Serenade
  • 2nd Coulter/Shaw-Rainey’s Collooney Keltic Cowboy with Starchelle (taf)
  • 3rd Knights and Stokes’ Shalfleet Sir William of Lelaps
  • Res Courtney’s Courtbirch Force of Nature
  • VHC Watson’s Falconcrag Rolling Stone

Class 4 Puppy Dog (7)

  • 1st Rishworth’s Richclass King of Kings
  • 2nd Holmes’ Supeta’s So Snazzy at Tronjheim
  • 3rd Dillon’s Kierpark Smooth Criminal at Runforest JW
  • Res Richards’ Richclass Simply Magic
  • VHC Thomas’ Nattah Lord of Sirius

Class 5 Junior Dog (16,1)

  • 1st Scholes’ Craigavad Once in a Lifetime
  • 2nd Whyte’s Marvidara Best Man
  • 3rd Smith’s Coynachie Crazy Diamond
  • Res Robertson’s Moonlake my Way
  • VHC Copley’s Demerlay River Deep

Class 6 Yearling Dog (19,5)

  • 1st Allisstone’s Hergehill Silver Crusader
  • 2nd Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society JW
  • 3rd Lawley’s Lawleymoon Time Will Tell
  • Res Price’s Whisterfield Easy Rider among Silkdance JW
  • VHC Butcher’s Pelyma Prince of Thieves

Class 7 Maiden Dog (3,1)

  • 1st Dillon’s Danluke Ladyboy at Runforest
  • 2nd Thomas’ Nattah Lord of Sirius

Class 8 Novice Dog (10,2)

  • 1st Whyte’s Mardivara Best Man
  • 2nd Dillon’s Danluke Ladyboy at Funforest
  • 3rd Holmes’ Supeta’s So Snazzy at Tronjheim
  • Res Knights and Stokes’ Shalfleet Sir William of Lelaps
  • VHC Cartwright’s Hawk Moth at Rearsbylea

Class 9 Undergraduate Dog (13,2)

  • 1st Scholes’ Craigavad Once in a Lifetime
  • 2nd Gibson Harries’ Aphrael Wellington at Whistljacket
  • 3rd Meakin’s Oakbark Main Player
  • Res Foord and Coulter’s Collooney Pocket Rocket
  • VHC Faber’s Sufeina Black Jasper

Class 10 Post Graduate Dog (27,3)

  • 1st Grisoli’s Loroli Let’s Get it On
  • 2nd Armstrong’s Mulcair Must Contain Nutz
  • 3rd Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever at Derohan JW (imp. Fin)
  • Res Rishworth’s Collooney Taylor Made
  • VHC Reece and Tonkin’s Danluke Disco Dancer at Gabledene

Class 11 Mid-Limit Dog (11,1)

  • 1st Allen’s Zoraden Vanilla Latte JW
  • 2nd James’ Drakesoak Halloween Twist
  • 3rd Place and Green’s Brochinbelle Star Light
  • Res Dillon’s Lorbri Billy No Mates JW
  • VHC Cutter and Lubin’s Wayhead Cellini for Chosovi JW

Class 12 Limit Dog (23,8)

  • 1st Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW
  • 2nd Marston-Pollock and Mawson’s Montventure Valentino of Falconcrag
  • 3rd Newton’s Nevedith Zufor Zeffa
  • Res Candler-Smith’s Maidenbower Make Believe
  • VHC Neale’s Stormalong Romantic Romeo

Class 13 Open Dog (19)

  • 1st Ellis’ Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa JW
  • 2nd Jones’ Jothryn Borne to Love JW
  • 3rd Robertson’s Moonlake Morgan
  • Res Grisoli and Bower’s Loroli Jump to the Beat
  • VHC Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Strike it Right JW

Dog CC – Milcair May Contain Nutz JW

Reserve Dog CC – Railfield Rainicon In Yialousa JW

Best Puppy – Richclass King of Kings

Reserve Best Puppy – Kirchilli Sweet Serenade

Best Veteran – Ch Fletchgate Star Walker SH CM

Class 14 Special Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (14,5)

  • 1st Howgate and Hull’s CH Palmik Magical Whisper JW
  • 2nd Oliver’s CH Tannis Bay Sophie’s Choice with Spyanfly
  • 3rd Whitehead/Smith/Mixides’ Stormburst Winter Sparkles for Citycroft JW
  • Res Becquet and Darby’s Becscott Snowdrop Lady
  • VHC Wignall’s Starswift Sunset

Class 15 Special Veteran Bitch (5)

  • 1st Grant’s Norcairn Out of the Blue
  • 2nd Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Mon Amie
  • 3rd Robertson’s Moonlake More of a Splash
  • Res Reed’s Dejare Ma Petite Amie
  • VHC Wilkinson’s My Black Lass

Class 16 Minor Puppy Bitch (17,2)

  • 1st Yacoby-Wright’s Cobyco Classic Act
  • 2nd Gallie’s Gwendariff Thanks a Latte
  • 3rd Manners’ Ipanema Mockingjay at Mannerpool
  • Res Short’s Collooney Tartan Tease
  • VHC Jackson’s Kirchilli Sweet Harmony

Class 17 Puppy Bitch (13,1)

  • 1st Little’s Danluke Lady Foxtrot at Zenobia
  • 2nd Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Kandalama Dusk Till Dawn
  • 3rd Gallie’s Gwendariff Thanks a Latte
  • Res Pendlebury’s Danluke Lady Helen at Sinope
  • VHC Gillespie’s Penbriar Can’t Believe It

Class 18 Junior Bitch (11,3)

  • 1st Ellis’ Railfield Raining Kisses
  • 2nd Little’s Danluke Lady Foxtrot at Zenobia
  • 3rd Yacoby-Wright’s Cause Sensation
  • Res Chant’s Florency First Footing
  • VHC Saunders’ Selinko Chardonay at Houndsbay

Class 19 Yearling Bitch (18,4)

  • 1st Place and Little’s Shiny Sensation Smooth Foxy Lady at Aarminias JW (imp Nld)
  • 2nd Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Wish Me Luck JW
  • 3rd Smith’s Coynachie Crazy for Love
  • Res Mitchell’s Moving Magic
  • VHC Gallie’s Erbys Spirit of Love

Class 20 Maiden Bitch (7,3)

  • 1st Manners’ Ipanema Mockingjay over Mannerpool
  • 2nd Short’s Collooney Tartan Tease
  • 3rd Grant’s Oakbark Magic over Windfly
  • Res Becquet and Darby’s Becscott Sunrise Lady

Class 21 Novice Bitch (3)

  • 1st Boughton-White’s Ipanema Girl on Fire
  • 2nd Little’s Danluke Lady Helen at Sinope
  • 3rd Sanford’s Erinnis Lily of the Valley

Class 22 Undergraduate Bitch (11,5)

  • 1st Ellis’ Railfield Raining Kisses
  • 2nd Grisoli’s Loroli Lost My Stripes
  • 3rd Wignall’s Starswift Siouxsie Sioux
  • Res Richardson’s Selinko Dream on Lewcher
  • VHC Head’s Demerlay River Dove

Class 23 Post Graduate Bitch (29,7)

  • 1st Wilson and Morgan’s Shalfleet Amber Nectar at Meandi
  • 2nd Allisstone’s Kaymark China Rose
  • 3rd Oliver’s Spyanfly Say I’m Sexy
  • Res Allen’s Azarin Corsica at Zoraden JW (imp.Pol)
  • VHC Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet a Touch of Class

Class 24 Mid-Limit Bitch (8,1)

  • 1st Winkley-Balmer’s Crosscop Me and My Girl at Edenwhip
  • 2nd Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble JW ShCM
  • 3rd Lain and Alexander’s Danluke Dance Diva of Lolani JW
  • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Chantilly Lace JW
  • VHC Little’s Sasilasy Daisy Dares You by Zenobia

Class 25 Limit Bitch (20,7)

  • 1st Gillespie’s Penbriar Duchess
  • 2nd Davies’ Pasharif Play it Again
  • 3rd Julian’s Bluestreak Blonde Ambition
  • Res Mason’s Aphrael What a Performance
  • VHC Downing-Christie’s Mossbawnhill Worth the Wait for Zigouse ShCM

Class 26 Open Bitch (24,4)

  • 1st Yacoby-Wright’s CH Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (imp.Pol)
  • 2nd Wilton-Clark’s CH Shalfleet Sugar Frosting JW
  • 3rd Morris/Waddell and Donaldson’s April Showers at Crosscop
  • Res Short’s CH Collooney Whoopee Do Dora JW
  • VHC Howgate and Hull’s Palmik En Vogue

Bitch CC – Ch Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Imp.Pol)

Reserve Bitch CC – Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW

Best Puppy Bitch – Cobyco Classic Act

Reserve Best Puppy Bitch – Danluke Lady Foxtrot At Zenobia

Best Veteran Bitch – Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW

BEST IN SHOW – Ch Tylko Cobyco Paranoia (Imp.Pol)

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW

BEST PUPPY IN SHOW – Richclass King of Kings


BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW

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