Results for WCRA 1st Championships 2014

The First WCRA Championships & Veteran Crowns – Moreton-in-Marsh Cricket Club, 13 April 2014 – 180 yards straight

(Veteran Crowns over 150 yards at ½yd/lb & yd/yr)


NE 16lb

DNF Dollybyrd (Late Not Never) Busby Babe x Gypsy Cream. Owner: R. Winrow
Ht: Dollybyrd

Not Exceeding 18lb winner

N/E 18lb

  1. *Maid at Mill (Tartan Mills) Run At Mill x Brass in Pocket. Owners: N. & C. Heaton (Time: 11.11)
  2. *Ameesha Little Ebbs
  3. WCRCh isn’t She Lovely
  4. WCRCh Diamond Star

Hts Maid at Mill, Ameesha Little Ebs, Jett Black
Semis: Maid at Mill, Ameesha Little Ebbs
Non runners: Eye’s A Cracker, Little Pocket Rocket

Not Exceeding 20lb winner

NE 20lb

  1. *Cheeky Devil (Devil Hall of Fame) Busby Babe x Gypsy Cream. Owner: V. Thurman
  2. WCRCh Highland Warrior’s Laddie
  3. Sweet Horizon
  4. WCRCh Fun Lovin

Hts: Sweet Horizon, Here Comes Trouble, Cheeky Devil (Time: 11.05)
Semis: Cheeky Devil, WCRCh Highland Warrior’s Laddie
Non runners: *Summerleaze Bay, Satin Secret

Not Exceeding 22lb winner

NE 22lb

  1. *Polly Flinders (What A Beauty) Chalkners Flaming Arrrow x Our Little Dink. Owner: G. Cairns (time:10.87)
  2. Cosmic Light
  3. Blue Diamond
  4. *Ryamber Something in the Air

Hts Blue Diamond, Polly Flinders, Gambler Jack, Little Cracker, Cosmic Light, WCRCh Sapphire Queen’s Topaz
Semis: Polly Flinders, Cosmic Light Non runners: Small Change, Bang Tidy, Sexy Dexy

Not Exceeding 24lb winner

NE 24lb

  1. WCRCh It’s Me (Sweet Ebony Babe) Busby Babe x Wagtail Remember Me. Owner: N. Ingley (time:10.95)
  2. Blue Dynamite Girl
  3. Raffles
  4. *The Were-Rabbit

Hts: WCRCh It’s Me, Blue Sea of Ibrox, Vensuter Muskogee Venture, Blue Dynamite Girl
Semis: WCRCh It’s Me, Blue Dynamite
Non runners: Satin Sunshine, Wizard of Oz

Not Exceeding 26lb winner

NE 26lb

  1. *Nubs Shifter (Goodad Almaz De Carquois) Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star Adddition. Owner: M. Wing (time: 10.67)
  2. Fenland Whisper
  3. Highland Laddie
  4. *Max Attraction

Hts: Nubs Shifter, Fenland Whisper, Ahoy Ramona, Highland Laddie
Semis: Nubs Shifter, Fenland Whisper
Non runners: One In A Mill, Snatch

Not Exceeding 28lb winner

NE 28lb

  1. *Scallywag (Inspired Twister of Carlstream) Drawn to Me x Carlstream Popstar. Owned by P.Gant (no time)
  2. WCRCh Shakira
  3. Gold Edition
  4. Vensuter Arizona Venture

Hts: Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee, Scallywag, Gold Edition
Semis’: WCRCh Shakira, Scallywag
Non-runners: Do It Tomorrow, Vensuter Wheal Chimes

Not Exceeding 30lb winner

NE 30lb

  1. *Vensuter Tennessee Venture (Vensuter Tennessee Venture) Wheatroyd Texacana Venture x Wheatroyd Wheal Kittty of Vensuter. Owner: S. Ward (no time)
  2. Law & Order
  3. I’ze One More Rags
  4. DNF Star Attraction

Hts. WCRCh Flash In The Pan, Nip ‘n’ Tuck, Star Attraction
Semi’s: Vensuter Tennessee Venture, I’ze One More Rags

6-7 years 14-20lb group winner

NE 32lb

  1. WCRCh Chermayeff (Sunlay Chermayeff) Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite Jade. Owned by J. Fage (time: 10.34)

Hts: WCRCh Chermayeff Non-Runners: WCRCh Texacana Venture, Golden Arrow, Silkspun St. Andrew

Veteran Crowns

6-7 years 14-20lb group winner

6 to 7 years 14-20lb

  1. WCRCh VC Mies Van Der Rohe (Sunlay Mies Van Der Rohe) March Wind x Sunlay Star of Sapphire’s. Owned by: J. Fage
  2. Midnight Rose
  3. Ellobiko
  4. Shropshire Lass

Hts. WCRCh Mies Van Der Rohe, Midnight Rose
Non-runners: Tinkers Cloudy Moon, Tinkers Gypsy Joe

6-7 years 21-25lb group winner

6 to 7 years 21-25lb

  1. VC *Femme Fatale (Light After Dark) Parkstone Black Gold x Breakingbury Iora. Owned by: R. Hough
  2. Pretty Color
  3. Bee United
  4. Jumping Jack Flash

Hts: Pretty Color, *Femme Fatale
Non-runner: Life’s A Breeze

6-7 years 26-32lb Group winner

Veterans 6 to 7 years 26-32lb

  1. WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy (Wheatroyd Gambler Boy) Wheatroyd Alamo Flier x Wheatroyd Magic Maisie. Owned by: J. Cooper
  2. All That Jazz
  3. Talk of the Town

DNF Only Me

Hts. Only Me, *Trying Again, Talk of the Town, All That Jazz
Semi’s: Talk of the Town, WCRCh Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
Non runner: Mr. Frodo

8-9 years 14-23lb group winner

Veterans 8 to 9 years 14-23lb

  1. WCRCh VC Baby Love (I Have A Dream) Real McCoy x Dancing Queen. Owned by: J. Mullin
  2. Blithe Spirit

Hts WCRCh VC Baby Love, Blithe Spirit.

Veterans 8 to 9 years 24-32lb

  1. VC *Riches 2 Rags (Carondias Snow Bunting) Sky Storm x Carondias Foxy Lady. Owned by: J. Henderson
  2. WCRCh Heross
  3. Lisandy Twinkles Daughter

Hts: WCRCh Heross, VC *Riches 2 Rags

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