The First WCRA Championships & Veteran Crowns – Moreton-in-Marsh Cricket Club, 13 April 2014 – 180 yards straight

(Veteran Crowns over 150 yards at ½yd/lb & yd/yr)


N/E 16lb   
(Late Not Never)
Busby Babe x Gypsy CreamR. Winrow
Ht: Dollybyrd

N/E 18lb   
1st*Maid at Mill
(Tartan Mills)
Run At Mill x Brass in PocketN. & C. Heaton
2nd*Ameesha Little Ebbs
(Ameesha Pure Spirit)
Busby Babe x Stokecourcy hazel at AmeeshaE. Villis
3rdWCRCh isn't She Lovely
(The Winner Takes it All)
One of Us x Typhoon TillyJ. Mullin
4thWCRCh Diamond Star
(Sunlay Diamond Star)
Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite JadeA. Parker
Hts Maid at Mill, Ameesha Little Ebs, Jett Black
Semis: Maid at Mill, Ameesha Little Ebbs
Non runners: Eye’s A Cracker, Little Pocket Rocket
Time: 11.11

N/E 20lb   
1st*Cheeky Devil
(Devil Hall of Fame)
Busby Babe x Gypsy CreamV. Thurman
2ndWCRCh Highland Warrior’s Laddie
(Do You Feel Lucky)
Just Dandy x Sunlay Fields of GoldD. Thomson
3rdSweet Horizon
(Little Light)
Run at Mill x Light After DarkT. Davies
4thWCRCh Fun Lovin
(Chalkner’s Fun Lovin)
Burst Into Flame x Chalkners Fun to RunL. Turner
Hts: Sweet Horizon, Here Comes Trouble, Cheeky Devil
Semis: Cheeky Devil, WCRCh Highland Warrior’s Laddie
Non runners: *Summerleaze Bay, Satin Secret
Time: 11.05
N/E 22lb   
1st*Polly Flinders
(What A Beauty)
Chalkners Flaming Arrrow x Our Little DinkG. Cairns
2ndCosmic Light
(Wheatroyd Lily)
Barely Bronze x Wheatroyd Wheal KittyG. & C. Coulburn
3rdBlue Diamond
(Sunlay Ivory Princess)
Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite JadeM. Thomson
4th*Ryamber Something in the Air
(Running in the Family at Ryamber)
One Of Us x Typhoon TillyC. Howard
Hts Blue Diamond, Polly Flinders, Gambler Jack, Little Cracker, Cosmic Light, WCRCh Sapphire Queen’s Topaz
Semis: Polly Flinders, Cosmic Light
Non runners: Small Change, Bang Tidy, Sexy Dexy
Time: 10.87
N/E 24lb   
1stWCRCh It’s Me
(Sweet Ebony Babe)
Busby Babe x Wagtail Remember MeN. Ingley
2ndBlue Dynamite Girl
(Blue Bonnie Scotland)
Black & White Dynamite x Goodad Storm BurstM. Thomson
(Sandspring Sir Wishingstar)
Karyon Ring of Fire x Sunset PromiseI. German
4th*The Were-Rabbit
(Sandspring Special Envoy)
Karyon Ring of Fire x Sunset PromiseS. Hoddinot
Hts: WCRCh It’s Me, Blue Sea of Ibrox, Vensuter Muskogee Venture, Blue Dynamite Girl
Semis: WCRCh It’s Me, Blue Dynamite
Non runners: Satin Sunshine, Wizard of Oz
Time: 10.95
N/E 26lb   
1st*Nubs Shifter
(Goodad Almaz De Carquois)
Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star AddditionM. Wing
2ndFenland Whisper
(Spinning Star)
Drawn to Me x Carlstream PopstarP. Billingham
3rdHighland Laddie
(Highland Laddie)
Run at Mill x Brass in PocketD. Thomson
4th*Max Attraction
(Tarramoss Jacob’s Lad)
Drawn to Me x Tarramoss Lazy TownP. Gilfeather
Hts: Nubs Shifter, Fenland Whisper, Ahoy Ramona, Highland Laddie
Semis: Nubs Shifter, Fenland Whisper
Non runners: One In A Mill, Snatch
Time: 10.67
N/E 28lb   
(Inspired Twister of Carlstream)
Drawn to Me x Carlstream PopstarP.Gant
2ndWCRCh Shakira
(Pewter Goddess)
Chalkner's Fast and Furious x Raven of FrankiaJ. Burrow
3rdGold Edition
(Goodad Scooby Doo)
Bethnal Green Boy x Goodad Suits MeC. & E. Ruffell
4thVensuter Arizona Venture
(Vensuter Arizona Venture)
Wheatroyd Texacana Venture x Wheatroyd Wheal Kittty of VensuterS. Ward
Hts: Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee, Scallywag, Gold Edition
Semis': WCRCh Shakira, Scallywag
Non-runners: Do It Tomorrow, Vensuter Wheal Chimes
Time: N/T
N/E 30lb   
1st*Vensuter Tennessee Venture
(Vensuter Tennessee Venture)
Wheatroyd Texacana Venture x Wheatroyd Wheal Kittty of VensuterS. Ward
2ndLaw & Order
(Goodad Cool Hand Luke)
Bethnal Green Boy x Goodad Suits MeC. & E. Ruffell
3rdI’ze One More Rags
(I’ze Benji)
Chalkners Fawn Again x Strong ResolveJ. Henderson
DNFStar Attraction
(Jolly Pocher)
Drawn to Me x Carlstream PopstarP. Gilfeather
Hts. WCRCh Flash In The Pan, Nip ‘n’ Tuck, Star Attraction
Semi’s: Vensuter Tennessee Venture, I’ze One More Rags
Time: N/T
N/E 32lb   
1stWCRCh Chermayeff (Sunlay Chermayeff)Bethnal Green Boy x Sunlay Midnite JadeJ. Fage
Hts: WCRCh ChermayeffNon-Runners: WCRCh Texacana Venture, Golden Arrow, Silkspun St. Andrew #colspan#
Time: 10.34
Veterans 6 to 7 years 14-20lb  
1stWCRCh VC Mies Van Der Rohe
(Sunlay Mies Van Der Rohe)
March Wind x Sunlay Star of Sapphire’sJ. Fage
2ndMidnight Rose
(April Midnight Rose)
Little Looney xBluoak LassN. Walton
(Hellfire Biko)
Karyon Ring of Fire x Breakingbury CupidG. Comber
4thShropshire Lass
(My Lil Tiger Lily)
Sky Storm x Lost LinkC. Wyatt
Hts. WCRCh Mies Van Der Rohe, Midnight RoseNon-runners: Tinker’s Cloudy Moon, Tinker’s Gypsy Joe
Veterans 6 to 7 years 21-25lb  
1stVC *Femme Fatale
(Light After Dark)
Parkstone Black Gold x Breakingbury IoraR. Hough
2ndPretty Color
(Wirrawon Silver Fern)
Nicadale Satin Spirit x China LadyG. Cairns
3rdBee United
(Mythyar Witch Child)
unlay Theatre of Dreams x Pure Penton of MythyarC. Bloxsome
4thJumping Jack Flash
(Flashing Light)
Karyon Ring of Fire x Breakingbury CupidS. Birch & C. Gould
Hts: Pretty Color, *Femme FataleNon-runner: Life’s A Breeze
Veterans 6 to 7 years 26-32lb  
1stWCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
(Wheatroyd Gambler Boy)
Wheatroyd Alamo Flier x Wheatroyd Magic MaisieJ. Cooper
2ndAll That Jazz
(Glittering Fortune)
Run At Mill x Goodad ViennaS. Thacker
3rdTalk of the Town
(Talk of the Town)
Run At Mill x Goodad ViennaMr & Mrs R. Jones
DNFOnly Me
(Our Little Dink)
March Wind x Wagtail Remember MeN. Ingley
Hts. Only Me, *Trying Again, Talk of the Town, All That Jazz
Semi’s: Talk of the Town, WCRCh Wheatroyd Gambler Boy
Non runner: Mr. Frodo
Veterans 8 to 9 years 14-23lb  
1stWCRCh VC Baby Love
(I Have A Dream)
Real McCoy x Dancing QueenJ. Mullin
2ndBlithe Spirit
(Steping Stones)
Barmoll Beekeeper to Whipowil x Withybridge Miss DiorL. Simmonds
Hts WCRCh VC Baby Love, Blithe Spirit.
Veterans 8 to 9 years 24-32lb  
1stVC *Riches 2 Rags
(Carondias Snow Bunting)
Sky Storm x Carondias Foxy LadyJ. Henderson
2ndWCRCh Heross
(Wirrawon Steamer True)
Sky Storm x China LadyG. Comber
3rdLisandy Twinkles Daughter
(Vanya Cheyanne Sky)
Delight of Vanya x Ebony Black PearlP. & G. Gilfeather
Hts: WCRCh Heross, VC *Riches 2 Rags

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