Group Winners


Not Exceeding 18lb

Not Exceeding 18lb winner

*Maid at Mill (Tartan Mill) – owned by N. & C. Heaton

Not Exceeding 20lb

Not Exceeding 20lb winner

*Cheeky Devil (Devil Hall of Fame) – owned by Viv Thurman

Not Exceeding 22lb

Not Exceeding 22lb winner

*Polly Flinders (What A Beauty) – owned by Gavin Cairns

Not Exceeding 24lb

Not Exceeding 24lb winner

WCRCh It’s Me (Sweet Ebony Babe) – owned by Nev Ingley

Not Exceeding 26lb

Not Exceeding 26lb winner

*Nubs Shifter (Goodad Almaz De Carquois) – owned by Maggi Wing

Not Exceeding 28lb

Not Exceeding 28lb winner

*Scallywag (Inspired Twister of Carlstream) – owned by Pat Gant

Not Exceeding 30lb

Not Exceeding 30lb winner

*Vensuter Tennessee Venture (Vensuter Tennessee Venture) – owned by S. Ward

Not Exceeding 32lb

Not Exceeding 32lb winner

WCRCh Chermayeff (Sunlay Chermayeff) – owned by Jeanette Fage

Veteran Crown Winners

6-7 years, 14-20lb

6-7 years 14-20lb group winner

WCRCh VC Mies Van Der Rohe (Sunlay Mies Van Der Rohe) – owned by Jeanette Fage

6-7 years, 21-25lb

6-7 years 21-25lb group winner

VC *Femme Fatale (Light After Dark) – owned by Rebbecca Hough

6-7 years, 26-32lb

6-7 years 26-32lb Group winner

WCRCh VC Wheatroyd Gambler Boy (Wheatroyd Gambler Boy) – owned by Jason Cooper

8-9 years 14-23lb

8-9 years 14-23lb group winner

WCRCh VC Baby Love (I Have A Dream) – owned by Jacquie Mullin

8-9 years, 24-32lb

8-9 years 24-32lb Group Winner

VC *Riches 2 Rags (Carondias Snow Bunting) – owned by Jan Henderson.

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