Partnership Championship Show, 31st May 2024 – Results

Partnership Championship Show May 2024


Judge: Jo Beckett-Hughes

Veteran Dog (5:1 abs)

1stShepherd’s Ch Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCEx VW
2ndRussell’s Glantam Genesis at Arjuna
3rdWayman’s Crème Anglaises One More Knight at Scarletfair (Imp Ned)
ResKnowles’ Lelaps Expelliarmus

Minor Puppy Dog (3)

1stPowell, Mycroft & Mycroft’s Supeta’s Jammie Dodger for Almakaeala
2ndMcDonald’s All Eyes on Me Reverhof at Solentwaves (Imp Lva)
3rdHutchinson’s Zenobia Just an Illusion with Sweetaurora

Puppy Dog (10:2)

1stWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Olilver Twist
2ndPoole, Morris & Waddell’s Falconcrag Match Maker at Crosscop
3rdWinkley-Balmer & Winkley’s Edenwhip Call Me at Night
ResStrong & Clinton’s Crosscop Kiss ME Here for Mackjama
VHCWebber’s Blues and Tooze

Junior Dog (12:2)

1stMorland’s Zoraden Master Baker
2ndArkell’s Barnesmore Celtic King
3rdTyson’s Starceylon Dancing Master JW
ResRankine & Levell’s Refton Kiri (Imp Esp)
VHCRussell’s Longmire The Lark Ascending to Arjuna

Yearling Dog (6:1)

1stYacoby-Wright’s Ch Cobyco Catch Your Eye
2ndJones’ Jothryn Johnny Be Good
3rdRussell’s Longmire Atlantic Starman with Arjuna
ResHughes’ Penbriar Corruleam Sky
VHCArkell’s Hijacked of Suriya (Imp Deu)

Novice Dog (11:3)

1stAll Eyes on Me Reverhof at Solentwaves (Imp Lva)
2ndCrosscop Kiss ME Here for Mackjama
3rdBooker’s Longmire Bring Me Sunshine
ResWinkley-Balmer & Winkley’s Bohosoul Firestarter by Edenwhip
VHCBlues and Tooze

Graduate Dog (8)

1stMcDonald’s Penbriar Jet Setter to Solentwaves
2ndTristram’s Supeta’s Just Do It
3rdSmith & Goddard-Smith’s Edenwhip Love At First Sight for Neviwesh
ResJothryn Johnny Be Good
VHCArkell’s Chikara Iz Doma Proninykh

Special Beginners Dog (11:2)

1stSteel’s Tigsisle Time After Time
2ndPenbriar Corruleam Sky
3rdSearle & Rawlinson’s Reffron Tibalt at Whipsearle JW (Imp Esp)
ResHigginbottom’s Ranveli Royal Duke of Dawnsafon JW
VHCSaxby’s Sandspring Sea Master

Post Graduate Dog (12:2)

1stWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Chasing the Wind JW
2ndWayman’s Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
3rdMcDonald’s Florancy Dark and Stormy
ResWilley & Hofstetter’s Hergehill Just Hugo
VHCSteel’s Nattah Potter’s Magic

Limit Dog (13:2)

1stPoole & Service’s Crosscop Twist and Shout
2ndWood’s Ardencote What A Rogue
3rdWayman’s Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair JW
ResShepherd’s Kadaruka It’s Showtime at Oxana JW
VHCBunney’s Bunehug Believe It Or Not

Open Dog (10)

1stDillon & Bailey’s Ch Collooney Eat My Shorts at Runforest JW
2ndWheeler’s Ch Ranvelli Diki Diki
3rdDillon & Bailey’s Stonefox Ice Pick Willy at Runforest JW
ResWinkley-Balmer & Poole’s Edenwhip Can I Be Him
VHCJohnston & Wilson’s Ch Aarminias Dragon Lord of Danluke

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Dog (5)

1stPenbriar Jet Setter to Solentwaves
2ndWebber’s Denimblue Willdo JW
3rdYeates, Winter & Morland’s Zoraden Maserati JW
ResWebber’s Lolani Ride a Wild Trail JW
VHCJenkinson’s Coppermow Harfang Avec Elstoto
DOG CCCh Cobyco Catch Your Eye
RESERVE DOG CCCh Collooney Eat My Shorts at Runforest JW
BEST PUPPY DOGZoraden Master Baker
RESERVE BEST PUPPY DOGShalfleet Oliver Twist
BEST VETERAN DOGCh Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCEx VW


Judge: Jenny Dove

Veteran Bitch (7:3)

1stSmith’s Welstar Airs and Graces at Cryhavoc
2ndStephens’ Dolce Diva Divine N Delary at Jasteal
3rdCh Citycroft Crème Caramel of Jasarat JW
ResVaughan-Wall’s Shirotae Solo Surprise VW

Minor Puppy Bitch (7:1)

1stGreen & Ratcliffe’s Crosscop Take On Me Arrodare
2ndMorland’s Zoraden Gossip Girl
3rdReed & Pace’s Dejare Dreaming On and On
ResEllis’ Railfield Singing In Therain
VHCSkinner’s Whitesquall Mionetto

Puppy Bitch (7:1)

1stMycroft, Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop California Barbie from Supeta
2ndShort’s Collooney Celeste
3rdCooper’s Crosscop Im Alwayz Yours at Ballauren
ResWalker’s Runaround Rosetta of Shoalingam
VHCFry’s Jothryn Lady Penelope

Junior Bitch (5:3)

1stTyson’s Starceylon Regina Di Quadri JW
2ndWhitmore’s Kierpark Power of Love at Whitleara

Yearling Bitch (5)

1stJones’ Jothryn Manhattan Blonde
2ndHoskins’ Shelshue Jingling Jennie
3rdBooker’s Longmire Blue For You
ResHalliday & Croxford’s Aarminias French Fancy at Whittimere
VHCParker’s Coppermow Cedrella at Zirdash

Novice Bitch (6:1)

1stShort’s Collooney Bellissima Bloom
2ndDejare Dreaming On and On
3rdRunaround Rosetta of Shoalingam
ResCrosscop Im Alwayz Yours at Ballauren
VHCCoppermow Cedrella at Zirdash

Graduate Bitch (11:5)

1stJothryn Manhattan Blonde
2ndTristram’s Pagarni’s Princess Elsa
3rdDollin & Bray’s Cyangrance Indian Summer at Runforest
ResSaxby’s Sandspring Sea Coral
VHCPerkins’ Kierpark Just A Song at Zeglynn JW

Special Beginners Bitch (7:3)

1stCrosscop Im Alwayz Yours at Ballauren
2ndWhitesquall Mionetto
3rdRobinson’s Whippiness Tornado Takeoff
ResBaulch’s Erinnis Mignonette

Post Graduate Bitch (9:1)

1stWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Easter Sonnet
2ndHome & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Caramel Calypso
3rdMulligan’s Ashkyem Luv N Kisses
ResUggeri’s Bohosoul Storming Thru
VHCWilkinson’s Silkridge Saffron of Fletchgate

Limit Bitch (13:4)

1stSampson’s Dapperdiva Milk and Honey JW
2ndStephens’ Jasteal Goddess of Godrevy
3rdJones’ Jothryn Black Eyed Blonde
ResWheeler, Rtter & Higginbottom’s Ranveli Royal Touch
VHCReed & Pace’s Dejare A Dash of Hope JW

Open Bitch (10:1)

1stGreen & Ratcliffe’s Crosscop Bumble Bee by Arrodare
2ndWood’s Ch Crosscop She’s A Lady at Ardencote
3rdYacoby-Wright’s Ch Cobyco City Lights
ResWilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Bridget Jones
VHCShort’s Ch Collooney Tommy Girl

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch (6:1)

1stShiny Sensations For Your Eyes Only at Dapperdiva (Imp Nld)
2ndOsborne’s Loroli Life’s a Rollacoasta at Derohan
3rdWhippiness Tornado Takeoff
ResSoffe’s Penbriar Rocket Star
VHCCoppermow Cedrella at Zirdash Coppermow Cedrella at Zirdash
BITCH CCCrosscop Bumble Bee by Arrodare
RESERVE BITCH CCJothryn Manhattan Blonde
BEST PUPPY BITCHCrosscop Take On Me Arrodare
RESERVE BEST PUPPY BITCHCrosscop California Barbie from Supeta
BEST VETERAN BITCHWelstar Airs and Graces at Cryhavoc
BEST IN SHOWCh Cobyco Catch Your Eye
RESERVE BEST IN SHOWCrosscop Bumble Bee by Arrodare
BEST OPPOSITE SEXCrosscop Bumble Bee by Arrodare
BEST PUPPY IN SHOWZoraden Master Baker
RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOWCrosscop Take On Me Arrodare
BEST VETERAN IN SHOWCh Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCEx VW

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