Dear Secretary

Thank you for your club’s affiliation fee, rules and list of committee members. At our meeting the WCRA have accepted your club’s details and you are now affiliated for 2012. Joyce Keable will issue the 2012 stickers for your members. The WCRA are pleased to welcome Harvel WRC back to affiliation and are looking forward to other clubs seeking re-affiliation in the future. We hope your members have a good season. Copies of the A4 version of the Championship Entry form are enclosed.

The WCRA committee discussed the implementation of the rule change which will require owners to have their whippet Kennel Club DNA tested. The Whippet Club and Kennel Club have now ratified the WCRA new rule and it is our intention that the rule will be fully implemented on and from the 1st September 2012. Therefore from this date all new passport applications received by the Registrar will need to be accompanied by a copy of the Kennel Club DNA Certificate. In the interim, between 1st April – 30th August 2012, new passports will be issued without the Kennel Club DNA Certificate but the owners will be required to obtain a Kennel Club DNA Certificate for their whippet before the 2013 Sticker will become valid. A new Passport Application Form is enclosed. All whippets already issued with a WCRA passport will not be required to have a Kennel Club DNA test and stickers will be issued to them as at present. Should an owner of an older passported whippet already have a Kennel Club DNA Certificate and wish for their whippet’s DNA data to be held on the file they may forward a copy of the certificate to the Registrar for the details to be recorded. WCRA seconders will be required to check that the DNA Certificates are enclosed with new passport applications and the Registrar will be writing to them with the details in the next few weeks.

The WCRA Committee were please to hear that the West Somerset WRC have agreed to host the 2012 running of the Snowball Open at their track at Taunton Polo Ground on Sunday 23rd September. Further detail will be available nearer to the date.

Superstars rules regarding the points won by runners has been amended. Details will soon be available on the web site and to those clubs running Opens offering Superstars Points.

Please note the next WCRA committee meeting will take place after the Whippet Club’s AGM at Horspath Village Hall on Saturday 24th March 2012. Should you wish me to raise any matter at this committee meeting on behalf of your club please reply to me in writing in good time for that date.

May I wish all members a successful racing season.

Yours sincerely

Philippa Rixon
WCRA Secretary

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