Harvel PWRC Open – 19th June 2022

The entry form for the Harvel Open is now available to download.

1st WCRA Championships 2022 Racing 1

Sunday 19th June

All Groups 175 yards at ¾yd/lb, Veterans 6, 7, 8 & 9 yrs 150yds at ½yd/lb plus yd/yr
Weight classes 14/19lb, 20/22lb, 23/25lb, 26/28lb, 29/32lb, Vets 14/20lb, 21/25lb, 26/32lb.
WCRA or NPWRA passports required, qualify for WCRA Superstars & NPWRA Points.

Overs – All in up to maximum of 45lb at ¾ yd/lb
Consolation Racing in all groups.

Featuring : Silken Windhounds Time Trial, 175 yards

Harvel PWRC

Club details can be found in the form below and on the Affiliated Clubs page

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