Harvel Charity Open, Sunday 9th October 2022

Harvel are holding their first charity open, and I have been fortunate for it to be my chosen charity this year. Huntington’s is a very cruel disease which currently has no cure. This disease effects a member of my family and I would really appreciate it if you could support this open and hopefully have a really enjoyable day with us.

Keeley Bradshaw


Unfortunately our track is still suffering from the very dry summer. However our friends at Andover have very kindly offered the use of their track. We have very gratefully accepted their offer and it allows the open to run. We cannot thank the Andover team enough for their support. Keeley Bradshaw will be at the Hampshire open this weekend to take or amend/cancel any entries and will accept personal messages as well. Please use the original entry form.

Harvel Pedigree whippet racing club present our 2022 charity open to be held on Sunday 9th October

All groups 150 yards at 1/2 yd/lb, veterans 6, 7, 8 and 9 yrs also yd/yr.
Weight classes 14/19lb, 20/22lb, 23/25lb, 26/28lb, 29/32lb, Vets 14/20 lb, 21/25lb, 26/32lb.

WCRA or NPWRA passport required. Mains and Veterans will qualify for NPWRA Points and superstar points.

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