Dog Critique from Whippet Club Championship Show 2015

WHIPPET CLUB  Ch. Show 4th April. 2015

Thank you to the Whippet Club for this prestigious appointment.  I had looked forward to it for many months, and I was not disappointed. Thank you to my stewards also.

I had a quality entry, which gave me many difficult decisions to make. It was a privilege to go over these lovely dogs, and I thank all the exhibitors for their entries. I have to agree with many of our senior judges who have commented on the lack of forward reach, and straight upper arm, but I also found a number of dogs with an alien hard expression, totally incorrect for our lovely breed.

Best in Show was Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Live To Tell, and Best Puppy Wood’s Ardencote  Star Maker,  both in full agreement with my fellow judge. Best Veteran on the referee’s decision was Ellis’ Ch Railfield Rainflower, a lovely bitch of classic type, who made a lovely pair with the Ch. Veteran dog.

VETERAN DOG 7-9yrs (7)

Lovely quality class to begin the day, all presented in fit condition, and a pleasure to judge.

  1. Russell’s Ch. Willingwisp Star Trooper. Fawn/White parti of 7 years, a fabulous dog to start the day. Very worthy champion, who keeps a correct outline standing and moving. Strode round the ring with plenty of drive and power from strong well muscled hindquarters. Presented in wonderful condition, still in contention for top honours.
  2. Wayman’s Beetelian Indian Brave. A favorite of mine, well presented by his young handler to get the best out of him. Brindle/white trim with lovely head and neck, and strong well made body, in very fit condition. Another who can move with ease and drive.
  3. Ellis’ CH. Spinneyhill Rainmaker of Railfield

VETERAN DOG 10+yrs (2, 1abs)

  1. Traylor’s Whos The Daddy. Fawn/white parti 10 year old gentleman enjoying his outing. So eager to please his handler, with that kind and gentle expression. In good condition for his age.


This class was a very good class, with some  promising puppies.

  1. Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Simply Jeeves. Super baby of correct size. Classic curvy outline, brindle /white trim, can certainly see he takes after his illustrious father. Loved his head and expression, and sound body properties, and smooth effortless movement. Shows much promise for the future.
  2. Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society Fawn and White parti 7mths Another very  nice quality  baby, giving away a lot in age to the winner, so not so balanced. Loved  his elegance, and very good to go over with lovely coat and fine skin, and well developed body for age.
  3. Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan.

PUPPY DOG(13,2abs)

  1. Lawley’s Lawleymoon Time Will Tell. Blue Fawn with white trim. Promising youngster, scored here on smooth sound movement, where a lot of the puppies failed. Fine skin, in tip top condition, with attractive head,  good deep body, and excellent angulation all through, and a little more maturity in body than 2nd. Best Puppy Dog.
  2. Wood’s Ardencote Star Gazer. Fawn/White puppy of much promise, needs to come together a little more, as to be expected in a baby. Lacked the balance of 1st at this stage, but one for the future.  Showing all the essentials, super condition,  and presentation.
  3. Osborne’s Softouch Ever So Clever At Derohan.

JUNIOR DOG (17,2 abs.)

Difficult class, of different types, the first 3  scored on the move.

  1. James’ Drakesoak Halloween Twist. Pale brindle/White  who immediately took my eye, for his overall elegance and curvaceous lines. Has  nice  lean  head, and kind expression. A pleasure to handle with lovely coat and skin. He moved  soundly with drive from strong well angulated quarters, and the more he moved the better he went.
  2. Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Strike It Right. Dark Brindle/White parti.  Very masculine dog in lovely muscular condition. Stronger made all through than the first. His colouring may detract until going over him, but he is very sound, fit and correct in construction which gives very free and sound movement, which earned him his place here.
  3. Wayman’s Speymalt See The Stars At Scarletfair.


Close decision here between two good dogs.

  1. Whitaker Crosby’s Mulcair May Contain Nutz. JW  Brindle/white. This boy attracts with his shapely outline, and curves in all the right places. Presented in fit muscular condition, and handler knows how to get the best from him. Has very sound smooth movement with good forward reach and drive.
  2. Marston-Pollock’s Montventure Valentino Of Falconcrag. Brindle/white trim. Elegant sound dog with good head and expression. Another who is well conditioned, with good overall construction, and correct movement, but not quite the fluidity of movement of the first.
  3. Gillam’s Glantam Great Ziegfield

MAIDEN (7,2abs)

  1. Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society
  2. Blank’s Azarin Dundun With Westmount.  Brindle/White parti attractive minor puppy, reserve in strong minor puppy class. Lots to like in this promising baby, with a nice head and expression, sound construction, and movement.
  3. Butcher’s Pelma Prince Of Thieves


  1. Cahill and Timberlake’s Chipperlake Sail Away. 13mths Fawn/White Res in Junior. Presented in good condition, with nice outline, and good body and strong quarters, scored over 2nd on maturity, although still needs to settle in movement.
  2. Meakin’s Oakbark Main Player. 10mths brindle/ white trim puppy with lovely head and eye, and that alert yet gentle expression. Good depth to body, standing on good feet. Another promising youngster, just needs a little more confidence, which I am sure will come with time.
  3. Cutter’s Windfly Warhorse For Chosovi


  1. Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Strike It Right
  2. Johnston’s Danluke Lord Of The Dance.  Brindle/White parti  of 13 months,  giving away a lot in age to the first, but I really liked this promising youngster. Not quite the balance and body of the first today. But I am sure will have a good future. Very attractive in head and eye, with intelligent,  kind expression.
  3. Rishworth’s Collooney Taylor Made


This was a disappointing class, apart from my winners.

  1. Wayman’s Speymalt Northern Star.  Fawn/White still a Junior, but felt he stood out in this class. Classic outline on this eye catching,  elegant dog of the correct size. Presented in lovely condition, with good body properties, and reached out well on the move.
  2. Copley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunrise. Fawn /white trim. Built on larger lines, but has all the essentials. Not quite the hind angulation of the first, but moved out well, where others failed.
  3. Lyon’s Marandike Make It Your Own For Marlbank

MID-LIMIT DOG(13,1abs)

Some very good dogs here,  a very pleasing class to judge.

  1. Allen’s Zoraden Gingerbread Latte JW. Dark masked red fawn with white trim, who has a lovely outline standing, and is a smooth mover with excellent forward reach from correct shoulder and forearm, I have liked him before, and no reason to change my mind. Particularly like his kind expression, and soft eye. Considered him for top awards.
  2. James’ Drakesoak Halloween Twist. This junior winner could not be denied his place here, as he improved every time he moved.
  3. Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Jenesis

LIMIT DOG(18,3 abs)

Super class with close decisions, 7 pulled out all excellent quality

  1. Mycroft’s Supeta’s Breaking Dawn. Pale Fawn/White parti.  I gave this dog the Res CC last time I judged, and I still consider him a worthy winner. He has exquisite type and elegance personified. He has a gorgeous head, and expression to melt the heart. He is all curves and flowing lines, and today moved well, although for me today just lacked the drive of the top winners.
  2. Morris,Waddell, Service’s Khabaraytime Hello Crosscop JW.  Brindle/White Parti very much in his father’s mould, with the most lovely keen yet kind head and eye. An eye catching dog with good angles, depth of body and correct outline standing and moving.
  3. Bird’s Sakota Superhero.


Another  quality class to finish the day.

  1. Howgate and Hull’s Palmik Live To Tell JW.  FawnWhite parti. I have judged this lovely dog before, giving him Best puppy, and had much pleasure in renewing my acquaintance with him. He has fulfilled his early promise, and matured into a fine young dog. He has excellent balance of outline, and grace in appearance. He is an elegant dog of the right size, and great ring presence. Has the most lovely head and kind expression, leading into super neck and shoulder, good body, and strong quarters, that showed in his sound, and smooth movement, as he glided round the ring. CC and BIS.
  2. Dillon’s Ch. Collooney Billy The Whizz JW.    Fawn/White parti.  Another lovely dog,  and a worthy champion, with refinement and style, a  pleasure to go over. At one with his handler, excelled in smooth ground covering movement,  driving well from strong quarters. Also has that true kind whippet expression that is so important. Pleased to award him Res CC.
  3. Whitehead, Smith, and Mixides’s Citycroft Never Forget

Di Morgan (Judge)

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