Dog Critique from The Whippet Club Championship Show 2nd April 2016

Critique from The Whippet Club Championship (Dogs) by Wim Wiersma

On 02-04-2016 the Whippet Club held their annual Ch. Show. BIS was CH Tylko Cobyco Paranoia; RBIS was Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW

It was a great honour to judge for the oldest Whippet Club in the world. My sincere thanks to the committee for this invitation. A special thanks to my ring steward and ring secretaries who ably guided me through the day. A lovely entry which I very much enjoyed judging. Competition was very keen in some classes and as a result, there were some very worthy exhibits, which regrettably, had to go cardless. Although mixed in type and size the overall quality was excellent with the muscle and condition hard on lots of the males and therefore fit for function. A credit to the breeders and owners. Of concern are still the weak underjaws with rather small teeth, fangs and molars. Another concern are the straight toplines, especially the ones not kept on the move. For me this is a typical feature in the breed and should therefore be kept an eye on.

Practically all dogs were well presented and ring behaviour was exemplary.



  1. Jackson’s Kirchilli Sweet Serenade. Dark br/w, 7 months, classy elegant young puppy, very balanced, good head with lovely expression, neat ears, lovely long neck flowing in well laid shoulder, good topline and nice depth of chest for age, good bone, pastern and feet, easy mover with good reach and drive, shows promise for the future.
  2. Coulter/Shaw-Rainey’s Colooney Keltic Cowboy with Tarchelle (RBPD). Creme f., 6 months, lovely eyecatching puppy with lots of quality, elegant head , must develop in muzzle, good reach of neck set on well placed shoulder, nice flowing topline, very good depth of chest for age, still a bit upright in pastern, very nicely angulated and strong hindquarters, covered the ground well on the move.
  3. Knights and Stokes’ Shalfleet Sir William of Lelaps.


  1. Rishworth’s Richclass King of Kings (BPIS). Red br/w, 9 month, a super puppy with a bright future, breed typical head with nicely folded ears and good underjaw, beautiful outline, exc. bone and feet, moved soundly for age with exc. profile movement.
  2. Holmes’ Supeta’s So Snazzy at Tronjheim. Br/w, 11 months, another quality puppy of very nice size and substance, very whippety overall, attractive head with sweet expression, elegantly shaped long neck set on well laid shoulder, exc. top- and underline and exc. depth of chest, good bone, feet and pastern, well developed and angled hindquarters which he used well on the move.
  3. Dillon’s Kierpark Smooth Criminal at Runforest JW.


  1. Scholes’ Craigavad Once in a Lifetime. Br, 17 months, very attractive, very balanced junior of exc. shape and size, his qualities would even be more visible if he would present himself with a bit more show spirit, very pleasing long head with breed typical expression, good underjaw and well folded ear, eyecolour matching coat colour, good length of neck, exc. front assembly smooth flowing top- and underline and perfectly angulated in his strong hindquarters, fortunately he likes to move through the ring where he shows enough reach and drive & sound coming and going.
  2. Whyte’s Marvidara Best Man. F/, 13 month, classic, very pleasing young male in shiny, sportive condition, well proportioned head, good length of neck, exc. front assembly, good bone, pastern & feet, very good top- and underline and well angulated strong hindquarters, sound mover covering the ground well.
  3. Smith’s Coynachie Crazy Diamond.


  1. Allistone’s Hergehill Silver Crusader. Parti f/w, 17months, super young dog of good size and lovely muscle tone, good head with beautiful expression, powerful underjaw, well folded ears, exc. top-and underline, could still drop a little in chest, balanced well angulated quarters, moved sound and convincing with drive, keeping his topline.
  2. Whitehead’s Citycroft High Society JW. Red f/, 18 months, strong young male with lots of quality, attractive masculine head, good underjaw, long strong neck flowing in well placed shoulder, perfect return of upperarm, could be better in topline but very nice curvy underline, exc. reach and drive, sound coming and going.
  3. Lawley’s Lawleymoon Time Will Tell.


  1. Dillon’s Danluke Ladyboy at Runforest. Creme f, 10 months, handsome youngster with elegance and good muscle tone, pleasing head with nice dark eye, still a bit weak in underjaw, balanced outline, flowing curves in top- and underline, good bone pastern and feet, free and easy movement with good propulsion.
  2. Thomas’ Nattah Lord of Sirius. Br/, 9 months, still very much a puppy but in very good condition, lovely head with sweet expression and neat ears, long strong neck, moderately angulated in front and rear, flowing top-and underline, good depth of chest for age, bit upright in pastern, shows enough reach and drive on the move.


  1. Whyte’s Mardivara Best Man.
  2. Dillon’s Danluke Ladyboy at Funforest.


  1. Scholes Craigavad Once in a Lifetime.
  2. Gibson Harries’Aphrael Wellington at Whistlejacket. F/, 2 years, striking classical young male in good condition with shiny coat, lovely head with perfect underjaw, long elegant well muscled neck, very balanced in angulations, could drop a bit in brisket, lovely flowing topline, moved low over the ground and parallel in coming and going.
  3. Meakinn’s Oakbark Main Player.


  1. Grisoli’s Loroli Let’s Get It On. Dark br./ 21 month, very sound masculine male of good size and substance, stood out in this class because of his outstanding movement, effortless and very good reach and drive; handsome head, good length of neck, lovely outline and good depth of body.
  2. Armstrong’s Mulcair Must Contain Nutz. Br/, 2 years, very attractive elegant young male with lots of quality but just misses that bit of extra that his winning brother shows, correct size, well constructed throughout with pleasing head, very good underjaw, curvy top- and underline, good depth of brisket, moved very well in profile, a little wide coming towards me.
  3. Osborne’s Softouch Ever so Clever at Dehoran JW.


Difficult choices to make in this class.

  1. Allen’s Zoraden Vanilla Latte JW. F, 3 years, Lovely masculine and elegant matured male with great presence, attractive head with exc. underjaw, long strong neck set into well placed shoulder, flowing topline, which could be a bit more curved over the loin, great depth of brisket, balanced angulated, exc. bone, pastern & feet, ground covering purposeful movement, totally sound coming and going.
  2. James’ Drakesoak Halloween Twist. Br/, 2 years, very striking male with strength, elegance and good substance, long strong head with good underjaw and lovely expression, elegantly shaped neck flowing in nice curvy topline, exc. depth of chest, super front assembly & well angulated hindquarters which he brought well under the body for exc. propelling powerful movement holding topline.
  3. Place and Green’s Brochinbelle Star Light.

LIMIT DOG (23,8)

Such a lovely class and so happy that I found what I was looking for.

  1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair May Contain Nutz JW. Br/, 2 years, an outstanding young male of good size that combines elegance, substance and strength to a high degree with freedom of action with a long easy stride and sound coming and going, well proportioned pleasing head with exc. underjaw, strong balanced quarters and attractive body curves, well worthy of winning the CC, RBIS, BOS.
  2. Marston-Pollock and Mawson’s Monteventure Valentino of Falconcrag. Br/, 2 years, another exc. overall quality strong male with super movement from all sides, powerful head with sweet expression, good ears and good underjaw, long strong neck, deep chest and a lovely underline contributing to his curvy outline, balanced angulations front and rear.

OPEN DOG (19,4)

Lots of quality, so many excellent dogs to choose from.

  1. Ellis’ Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa JW. F/, 3 years, eyecatching attractive male that was the competitor of my winning dog who kept his topline on the move just a bit better, balanced confirmation and stylish flowing outline, very appealing head with lovely dark eye, good underjaw and nicely folder ears, good reach of neck, exc. forechest and depth of chest, flowing top- and underline, perfectly angulated in front and rear, moved effortless with reach and drive, sound coming and going.
  2. Jones’ Jothryn Borne to Love JW (RBD). Br/, 3 years, beautiful male with lots of elegance, well constructed and proportioned, powerful head with exc. underjaw, beautiful dark eye and nicely folded ear, long well muscled neck, very deep brisket, good forechest and exc. topline, strong hindquarters with nicely bent stifle, went around the ring with great reach and drive.
  3. Robertson’s Moonlake Morgan.

VETERAN DOG. 7-9 years (6,2)

  1. Wilkinson’s CH. Fletchgate Star Walker ShCM. Black, 7 yr, very appealing, elegant, nicely matured dog in a shiny condition, nice head with lovely expression, underjaw could be a bit stronger, good reach of neck set on well laid shoulders, balanced angulation, exc. depth of chest and good topline held on the move, true coming and going, side movement with good reach and propulsion.
  2.  Johnston’s CH. Collooney Tricky Dicky JW ShCM. Br/ 7 yr. Well constructed male, with exc. substance and elegance, beautiful long well proportioned head with nice expression, long strong neck flowing in well laid shoulders, a bit upright in upperarm, exc. depth of chest, flowing topline, strong well angulated hindquarters. Moved well from all sides.
  3. Osborne’s CH Loroli Authorized by Dehoran JW.

VETERAN DOG. 10 yrs + (4,2)

  1. Reed’s Dejare Cobweb. Br/, 11 yr, strong and elegant male in very good condition, long beautiful masculine head with good teeth and ears and lovely expression, long strong neck ,well angulated in front and rear, lovely flowing top- and underline, moves free and easy.
  2. Traynor’s Who’s the Daddy. Red F/W, 11 yr, handsome male with attractive long head, good length of neck, strong body, good depth and very good topline, well placed shoulders and good length of upperarm, good bone and exc. feet, strong well angulated hindquarters, moved a bit close behind.

Wim Wiersma (Judge)

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