The Whippet Club Championship Show Results – Saturday 6th April 2013

Whippet Club Championship show April 2013

Dog Judge – Bill Armstrong

Special Veteran Dog 7-9 years: (8:3abs)

  • 1st Pirie’s Ch Tazi Falcon at Limasfault JW
  • 2nd Oliver’s Spyanfly Sinatra
  • 3rd Russell’s ChJuneric Midnight Mischief
  • Res Mulligan’s Turnstone Always on My Mind at Ashkyem ShCM
  • VHC Shepherd’s Buebezi Cahoots with Oxana ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog (15:3)

  • 1st Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Skyfall
  • 2nd Mixides’ Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa
  • 3rd Dillon’s Collooney Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Res Dufty & Morland’sTriken Can’t Stop Dreaming
  • VHC Harding-Waite & Waite’s Drakesoak All of a Twist with Caderleth

Puppy Dog (14:2)

  • 1st Ellam’s Demerlay Night Fever
  • 2nd Dillon’s Danluke Diamond in the Ruff
  • 3rd Defaye & Crouch’s Russet Gold at Fedaye
  • Res Seers’ Espinore Eagle Rock
  • VHC Mason’s Aphrael What a Kafuffle

Junior Dog (15:4)

  • 1st Corsar’s Piersland I Got Rhythm at Chamhembe JW
  • 2nd Mixides’ Citycroft Star Gazing over Yialousa
  • 3rd Mycroft’s Supeta’s Breaking Dawn
  • Res Meakin’s Oakbark Merchant Royal
  • VHC Knowles’ Lelaps Expelliarmu

Yearling Dog (17:2)

  • 1st Field’s Derohan Masked Marvel
  • 2nd Lyons’ Marandike Make It Your Own for Marlbank
  • 3rd Brown’s Nichrisar Midnight Raider
  • Res Candler-Smith’s Maidenbower Make Believe
  • VHC Russell’s Glantam Shooting Star

Maiden Dog (11:4)

  • 1st Russet Gold at Fedaye
  • 2nd Aphrael What a Kafuffle
  • 3rd Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Genesis
  • Res Penbriar Baroque
  • VHC Cutter’s Nightshade Sapphire

Novice Dog (13:3)

  • 1st Danluke Diamond in the Ruff
  • 2nd Railfield Rainicon in Yialousa
  • 3rd Jasarat Genesis
  • Res Ashvillebur Royal Command Among Silkdance
  • VHC Edge’s Sandtait Silver Fox with Edgella

Undergraduate Dog (8:2)

  • 1st Derohan Masked Marvel
  • 2nd Marandike Make It Your Own for Marlbank
  • 3rd Williamson’s Starswift Casanova
  • Res Sandtait Silver Fox with Edgella
  • VHC Lelaps Expelliarmus

Post Graduate Dog (16:4)

  • 1st Hill’s Kierpark Livin on a Prayer ShCM
  • 2nd Turner’s Derohan Holy Roman Emperor at Sammoll
  • 3rd Grisoli & Bowyer’s Loroli Jump to the Beat
  • Res Poole’s Demerlay River Rapids at Brockfield
  • VHC Home & Fisher-Home’s Becscott Lessons Dreamer of Jasarat

Mid-Limit Dog (13:4)

  • 1st Newton’s Layways Royal Mosaic of Nevedith
  • 2nd Brown’s Chrispan Crazy Diamond of Hazeacre
  • 3rd Wayman’s Cobyco Chasing Stars at Scarletfair JW
  • Res Pirie’s Bosmere Blueberry Ripple at Limasfault JW ShCM
  • VHC Johnston’s Collooney Tricky Dicky JW ShCM

Limit Dog (22:4)

  • 1st Harding-Waite & Waite’s Marleben Myracle Magician from Caderleth
  • 2nd Snelgrove’s Huntinghill Jazztastic
  • 3rd Ritchie & Ritchie-Smith’s Demerlay Vanilla Sky over Gwendariff JW
  • Res Dillon’s Collooney Billy the Whizz JW
  • VHC Neale’s Stormalong Blackout

Open Dog (16:3)

  • 1st Russell’s Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper
  • 2nd Short’s Ch Collooney Going Dutch
  • 3rd Wilton-Clark’s Ch Shalfleet Simply A Lord
  • Res Raghammer’s Ch Adagio Crowdstopper
  • VHC Ahrens & Primavera’s Ch/It Ch Whiprose Irish Coffee at Sobers

Dog CC – ChWillingwisp Star Trooper

Reserve Dog CC – Marleben Myracle Magician from Caderleth

Best Puppy Dog – Demerlay Night Fever

Best Veteran Dog – Ch Tazi Falcon at Limasfault JW

Bitch Judge – Mrs Shirley Rawlings

Veteran Bitch 7-9 Years (11:4)

  • 1st Third’s Bruntsfield Roanapoll
  • 2nd Burgess’ Welstar As You Like It at Monelli
  • 3rd Mulligan’s Willingwisp Royal Secret at Ashkyem
  • Res Walker’s Shoalingam Silver Willow
  • VHC Wood’s Ardencote Diamond Lil

Veteran Bitch 10 + Years (6:2)

  • 1st Stock & Gilmour’s Ch Sportingfield Winged Dove over Dumbriton (imp)
  • 2nd Hills’ Shimmeree Blue Chiffon
  • 3rd Di Dio’s Kushka’s Firefly JW ShCM
  • Res Wayman’s Pipijay Starlight of Scarletfair JW

Minor Puppy Bitch (17:3)

  • 1st Keenan & Smith’s Railfield It’s Raining over Citycroft
  • 2nd Quirk’s Almakaeala Wispers on Wings
  • 3rd Peacock’s Drakesoak Rainbow Dancer
  • Res Perrett’s Liedeberge Pretty Flamingo
  • VHC Short’s Collooney Whoopee Do Dora

Puppy Bitch (17:7)

  • 1st Proctor’s Jodana Avoca
  • 2nd Fisher’s Marleben Mystical Mistress
  • 3rd Vaughan’s Lewcerycar Lets Dance
  • Res Coulter’s Collooney Eye Candy
  • VHC Head’s Demerlay Jive Talking

Junior Bitch (13:1)

  • 1st Mycroft’s Supeta’s Eclipse
  • 2nd Wilton-Clark’s Shalfleet Sugar Frosting
  • 3rd Paterson’s Wheelspin Pleasant Fly
  • Res Vaughan’s Shirotae Gin Sing
  • VHC Morgan’s Pasharif Playing It Softly for Meandi

Yearling Bitch (18:5)

  • 1st Beckett-Hughes’ Collooney Ravishing Rita of Mulranny
  • 2nd Paterson’s Wheelspin Breakaway
  • 3rd Becquet & Darby’s Becscott Captivating Lady
  • Res Oliver’s Spyanfly Shake It On Down
  • VHC Jones’ Welstar Heaven Sent

Maiden Bitch (14:2)

  • 1st Railfield It’s Raining over Citycroft
  • 2nd Collooney Whoopee Do Dora
  • 3rd Demerlay Jive Talking
  • Res Davies’ Pasharif Play It Again
  • VHC Pasharif Playing It Softly for Meandi

Novice Bitch (12:6)

  • 1st Third’s Tango Time of Bruntsfield
  • 2nd Pasharif Playing It Softly for Meandi
  • 3rd Chant’s Derohan Beyond Desire
  • Res Smith’s Barmoll Brie
  • VHC Mulligan’s Ashkyem Painted Sun

Undergraduate Bitch (13:6)

  • 1st Hills Shimmeree Blue Denim
  • 2nd Head’s Milkadene Misty Memory of Demerlay
  • 3rd Boughton-White’s Whiptails Happiness and Joy at Ipanema (imp Fin)
  • Res Wignall’s Starswift Sunbeam
  • VHC Tango Time of Bruntsfield

Post Graduate Bitch (25:8)

  • 1st Bennett’s Stormburst Wild Honey
  • 2nd King’s Demerlay Brown Sugar at Daleko
  • 3rd Johnston’s Danluke Dicky Bird
  • Res Ellam’s Demerlay Black Coffee
  • VHC Spencer-Thomas’ Jimanica Justine Rose

Mid-Limit Bitch (18:4)

  • 1st Mixides’ Yialouse Scarlett Ribbon
  • 2nd Fisher’s Marleben Myracle Mover
  • 3rd Ritchie’s Demerlay Armabay Billie Jean
  • Res Cox’ Rearsbylea Midnight Rose
  • VHC Davies & Gilmour’s Turnstone Tiger Lily

Limit Bitch (22:7)

  • 1st Short’s Collooney Tartan Tart
  • 2nd Neale’s Stormalong Post Haste
  • 3rd Robertson’s Moonlake Mazda
  • Res Third’s Badgers Fable of Bruntsfield
  • VHC Julian’s Bluestreak Blond Ambition

Open Bitch (18:1)

  • 1st Illingsworth & Anderson-Illingsworth’s Birkonbrae Tam O’Shanter
  • 2nd Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW
  • 3rd Allen’s Ch Triken Timeless Star
  • Res Hills’ Shimmeree Black Wincyette
  • VHC Ellis’ Railfield Rainhat

Bitch CC – Birkonbrae Tam O’Shanter

Reserve Bitch CC – Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW

Best Puppy Bitch – Jodana Avoca

Best Veteran Bitch – Ch Sportingfield Winged Dove over Dumbriton (imp)

BEST IN SHOW – Ch Willingwisp Star Trooper

RESERVE BEST IN SHOW – Birkonbrae Tam O’Shanter


BEST VETERAN IN SHOW – Ch Sportingfield Winged Dove over Dumbriton (imp)

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