The Whippet Club Championship Show, 2 April 2022 – Bitch Critique

Championship Show April 2022 BIS
Left to Right
Best Veteran in Show, Johnson’s Ch Danluke Lord of the Dance JW; Best In Show Akerboom & van der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Irish Cream; Judge of bitches, Henrik Harling; Judge of dogs, Editha Newton; Reserve Best In Show, Richards’ Richclass Run for Cover; Best puppy In Show, Akerboom & van der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Just Julian and Reserve Best Puppy In Show, Wheeler’s Ranveli Glowtini

Finally the day came to judge bitches at The Whippet Club. Several years ago I was invited and when invited it felt like the day would never come but it was worth all the waiting as I had a wonderful day. A big thank you to The Whippet Club committee for organising everything so well and for good cooperation with fellow judge Editha Newton judging the finals together. Also a big thank you to all that entered in a total of 179 bitches. Fantastic. There were some very big classes but it felt so easy going over all the dogs and I do hope that ringside could see that I thoroughly enjoyed my day and a memory for life. I think you could feel in the air that things are getting back to being quite normal and everyone seemed so positive including myself. The last two years have been challenging for us all and for a long time I was sure the show would be cancelled.

Also big thank you to Claire Boggia for guiding me through the day and keeping track of all papers to sign and so on. Back in 1987-1988 when I lived outside Canterbury I would sometimes cycle to hang out with Claire’s mother Alfreda and her whippets when I got tired of the Airedales. I spent a year at an Airedale terrier kennel.

Judging a breed club in the UK I think is the finest thing you can do in the world of whippets. In the morning Vanna Leatheart was arranging all the cups for the finals. The BIS cup goes back to 1905 and the name of all the winners is engraved on the cup and reading it sent chills up and down my spine seeing the names of pillars of our wonderful breed and this day it was my turn choosing what name to be engraved on the cup.

The overall quality was very good and the open class was just fantastic and on any day elsewhere depending on the competition a big number of the entered bitches could have been my CC winner easily.

Some impressions

Recently we had a judges’ conference for Sighthounds in Sweden and I presented whippet to the Swedish judges and I did talk a bit about heads as it seems as the “norm” in Sweden for judges not coming from Sighthounds that the head is of no importance at all but I explained it is important for the overall picture as well as for function.

I did see some with a bit flat stopes that gives a bit different expression that is not all correct. Not very serious but a nice head and expression adds to the whole correct picture of a whippet.

Most of the exhibits were in good condition with a nice muscle tone. There were a few a bit “soft” but we all know that bitches can’t stay one hundred percent like the dogs for natural reasons.

All of the entries allowed me to evaluate them on the table but compared the other two times I have judged in the UK there were more individuals showing signs of discomfort. They were shivering a bit and you could see in their eyes they would prefer being elsewhere. A coincidence? A sign?

The variation of outline was wider than I have experienced over the years looking at the breed in the UK. You had everything from over curvy Italian greyhound style outline to hardly any curves at all going towards racing greyhounds. Off course all of my top placing displayed the gentle curves I was looking for that significance our breed.

As you probably realised seeing my judging I love a well moving whippet. I extra appreciate a whippet that covers the ground easily without using to much energy but still has the gait and power. The variation was like with outline quite extensive from hackney movement to some of the best one can experience. Most fall “in the middle lane” moving typical but lacks a bit of gait, smoothness and reach (that should just be enough and not too much). The coming and going was overall good. No cow hocks or elbows “living it’s own life”. In every class my top placing a displayed for me good correct movement and I made you run a bit but a whippet usually just gets better after a few laps. When I show my whippets I am extremely aware of warming them up in good time and I suspect a few of my entries good have gained from a walk around the grounds before coming into the ring?

We all know that producing good front assembly is probably the hardest thing to achieve when breeding whippets. On this day there were quite a number with an upper arm that was a bit straight and the elbow hence placed at the wrong place and with a gap between the elbow and the brisket. But luckily my placing were all right in this aspect.

In the end all bitches entered under me were typical whippets with different flaws and virtues and a joy to asses. Thanks for bringing them.

Special Veteran Bitch (7-9 years)

  1. Whitaker-Crosby’s Mulcair Meerkat Marble
    So smooth outline that was curvy and very nice movement. Combining elegance and power. Looking super for her age. Showed really well.
  2. Hills Shimmeree Chantilly Lace
    Classical looking whippet that was harmonious and overall, well built. Well bodied. Very nice head and expression. Excelled in low to the ground movement that covered ground very well.

Special Veteran Bitch (10 years +)

  1. Johnston’s Danluke Dicky Bird
    Excellent proportions and so feminine and elegant. Very nice curves and such easy movement. Very well presented and she looked so happy to be in the ring!
  2. Vaughan-Wall’s Shirotae Gin Sing
    Very feminine and well put together. Easy mover. Lovely head and expression and in good condition for her age.

Minor Puppy Bitch

  1. Wheeler’s Ranveli Glowtini
    Very feminine and promising little bitch that excelled in open sidegait. Rarely you see such a young puppy with that type of stride. Nice curvy outline. Balanced angulations. In lovely condition. Lovely head and expression.
  2. Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop True Love
    I really liked this bitch. Such stunning curvy outline. I think she was distracted by all the lines on the floor (we were in a sports hall). She came back and won Novice and looked so much better a bit later when having adjusted to the surroundings. Something tells me we will see more of her in the future? She had presence and very good proportions and was pleasing on the eye and still very modest she was at the same time generous enough.

Puppy Bitch

  1. Short’s Collooney Tommy Girl
    Lovely bitch that showed so well for her age. Her strongest virtues was her smooth ground covering easy sidegait. Very well presented and in lovely condition.
  2. Smith & Goddard-Smith’s Afterglow Princess Royale
    Very different in type to number one. Very mature for her age and visible in her deep chest. Lovely curvy outline. True coming and going. Very well presented and in lovely condition.

Junior Bitch

  1. Kruger’s Burqa Di Gucci At White Squall
    Very feminine, smooth curvy outline. Gorgeous head and expression. Kept her topline on the move and excelled in easy ground covering sidegait. Showed very well. I suspected she was not from the UK and afterwards I saw in the catalouge that I have judged her dam in Italy some years back. Well presented.
  2. Lipscombe’s Selinko Cherise
    Second of another type but of an attractive classical type with smooth curvy lines. When she felt for it her movement was excellent.

Yearling Bitch

  1. Perkins’ Citycroft Americano With Silkridge
    What a beautiful whippet. I could easily take this one home! Such a stunning outline and so well constructed. Super front with good angulation in shoulder and upper arm and the elbow in the right place. When starting to move all fell in to place with super sidegait and so smooth on the move. She will be a star in near future. Today she was just a bit immature compared to the bitches in open to win.
  2. Marston-Pollock’s Cornstalk Dream On At Falconcrag
    Very classical looking whippet that was so feminine and curvy outline. Very sound mover from all angles and so well presented. Good combination of power and elegance. Think we will see more of her in the future.

Maiden Bitch

  1. Howgate & Hull’s Palmik Chasing Rainbows
    Very promising. Nice curves. Beautiful head and expression. Nice movement and especially stable coming and going considering her age. Very well presented.
  2. Salkeld’s Crosscop A Dream Come True
    Very feminine and curvy bitch. Nice size. Good bone and feet and a long neck. Very sound mover.

Novice Bitch

  1. Mycroft, Morris & Waddell’s Crosscop True Love
    Really liked this bitch. Such stunning curvy outline. I think she was distracted by all the lines on the floor (we were in a sports hall). She came back and won Novice and looked so much better a bit later when having adjusted to the surroundings. Something tells me we will see more of her in the future? She had presence and very good proportions and was pleasing on the eye and still very modest she was at the same time generous enough.
  2. Reed & Pace’s Dejare A Dash of Hope
    A quality bitch with a curvy outline. Very nice head and expression. A very sound mover with a soft ground covering sidegait but not the energy as number one.

Undergraduate Bitch

  1. Wood’s Ardencote Destiny’s Child
    bitch to examine. Such a true whippet. No exaggerations. Lovely head and probably best underjaw of the day? Really lovely mover. A quality whippet.
  2. Salkeld’s Crosscop A Dream Come True
    Another lovely bitch with s stunning curvy outline. Very nice head and expression. Good in front and deep chest. In lovely muscle condition. Number one in class just a bit better on the move.

Post Graduate Bitch

  1. Winkley-Balmer & Poole’s Lolani Spiced Gold
    Very feminine and convincing overall. Curvy smooth outline and combining strength and elegance. Easy mover and very well presented.
  2. Gillespie’s Penbriar Chit Chat
    Lots to like about this bitch but number one was her easy ground covering sidegait. A quality bitch with a pleasing outline. Feminine and athletic.

Mid Limit Bitch

  1. Turner & Halliday’s Brochinbelle A Wee Floosie
    Such a stunning bitch. Style and finesse. Lovely outline. Always standing and moving in balance. Think she could win in any country looking at her type. Extremely sound coming and going. Very well presented.
  2. Mycroft’s Supeta’s Little Darlin
    Very nice size. Very nice sidegait with free movement. Nice overall to examine. Not as “stylish” as number one.

Limit Bitch

  1. Short’s Collooney Bit On The Side
    Very eye catching. Pleasing outline. Standing and moving in balance all the time. Extremely nice mover from all angles and shown in nice condition and well presented. Think we will see more of her in the future.
  2. Wilkinson’s Citycroft Starfall
    Very classical type of whippet. Super quality overall. Lovely coat and skin. Nothing “stood out” as she was “one package” and so well balanced. A soft stride that covered the ground.

Open Bitch

  1. Akerboom & Van Der Schaaf’s Crème Anglaise’s Irish Cream
    Wow, wow. As soon as she entered the ring she caught my eye. Very rarely you have the opportunity as a judge to examine a bitch like this. Overall so well built and so extremely well balanced and as the icing on the cake a tremendous sidegait and true coming and going. Presented in gleaming condition. What is there not to like about her?
  2. Sykes Ch Veredon Another Rose
    I really liked this bitch. Stunning curvy outline. In super condition and so well presented. I could have watched her for hours moving, such an easy soft energy saving sidegait you rarely come across. Just unfortunate to come up against number one. She could be my BOB on any day!
  3. Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik Misty Eve
    Another stunning bitch oif super quality that could also win under me on any day. Lovely beaytiful outline that was easy on the eye and so well presented. Topped with sidegait you rarely see in The UK.

Res: Davies Ch Collooney Black Velvet
Just loved this little gleaming bitch with those stunning curves. Easy mover but could not keep up with the first three but I understand why she is a champion. Could win in any country. In super condition.

VHC: Morris’, Mycroft’s and Mycrofts Crosscop Candle In the Wind for Supeta.
Such a classical type of whippet bitch with a stunning curvy outline. Very well presented. She could also win under me any day in another place.

Open bitch was such a lovely class and several not placed were also wonderful specimens of our lovely breed. A joy to judge a class like that. Have not had such a good class anywhere accept maybe at the big sightound show in Donauseching in Germany. Will be a fond memory for life.

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch

  1. Webber’s Zoraden Fifty Shades Darker
    Such a stunning bitch. Lovely curves and good angulations in front and rear. Deep chest and in super nice muscle condition. Especially on the continent the racing class is a nightmare to judge but what a surprise to find such a quality whippet winning this class today. Super mover.

In the finals Editha and I totally agreed on who should win so our referee Molly McConkey could just sit back and relax and watch.

Judge: Henrik Harling

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