Open Show – Saturday 14th September 2013

Dog Judge: Yvonne Hull (Palmik) Minor Puppy Dog (4:1 abs) 1st Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset 2nd Blandings Fortune Cookie 3rd Field’s Spyanfly Surely No Puppy Dog (2:1) 1st Candler’s Maidenbower Mardi Gras Junior Dog (6:2) 1st Mixides’ Railfield Rainicon inYialousa...

Open Show – Saturday 29th September 2012

Dog Judge – Anita Turner Minor Puppy Dog (4:1 abs) 1st Mixides’ Citycroft Star Gazing over Yialousa 2nd Home & Fisher-Home’s Jasarat Genesis 3rd Dewart’s Felicific Hector at the Helm Puppy Dog (6:1) 1st Shepherd’s Nattah In Sync with Oxana 2nd Jasarat Genesis 3rd...

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