September Whippet Club show schedules

Schedules for The Whippet Club Open Show and Limited Obedience Show to be held on Saturday 27th September 2014 are available for download, just in case you haven’t already got one. Entries close 27th August 2014 – show judges Hanna Russell and Rob Becquet and...

Swedish Whippet Club Show 2013

Our friends at the Swedish Whippet Club have their annual show coming up in July… Swedish Whippet Club Show 2013 details Open show – no CAC:s available The Swedish Sighthound Club,, holds a CAC show at the same venue July 28. Judges: Claude...

April 2013 Championship Show

Our Championship Show takes place this year on 6th April 2013 at The Sports Connexion, Coventry. The entry form and schedule are available for download (in PDF format) by clicking the relevant links April 2013 Championship Show Schedule April 2013 Championship...

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