Bitch Critique – Partnership Championship Show, May 2024

I was very thrilled to have been invited to judge at this very special 125-year-old club show, excellent organisation and lovely atmosphere around the ring.

The only main problem today was the very windy and bitterly cold conditions, and as we all know, Whippets hate the cold!

I am sure that it did not help many of the exhibits who were really suffering with “the Shivers”, but everybody, including the owners coped admirably.

Since I last judged Bitches in 2021, I noticed quite a lot of loose fronts and flat toplines, but I was very happy with all my placings and particularly my final line up for the CC, where there were several youngsters who will definitely gain their crowns in the future.

I must mention 98% excellent feet and nails, and of course, as usual the handling and presentation of exhibits was exceptional.

Veteran Bitch 7 (3 abs)

  1. Smith’s Welstar Airs and Graces at Cryhavoc
    7 1/2 year old Fawn, very pretty head and dark eye, has good overall type and balance, good feet and moved soundly front and rear. Well bodied and was an easy winner in this class, in the challenge for Best Veteran I think the cold had got the better of her and she was out moved by the male, but looked good standing.
  2. Steven’s Dolce Diva Divine N Delary At Jasteal
    8 year old Fawn Brindle, not quite the style of winner but she is well bodied with good length and depth. Good head and dark eye. Not as smooth on the move and a little down on her pasterns, nice side movement, not quite the profile of winner.
  3. Sampson’s Shiny Sensations For Your Eyes Only to Dapperdiva (Imp NDL)

Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (2 abs)

  1. Green and Ratcliffe’s Crosscop Take Me On Arrodare
    Stunning 7months Fawn/white trim. At first glance was my winner, and she never put a foot wrong. I loved her head and eye, oozes type and style, in fine form for her age, still immature but shows great promise for the future. One I would take home. Lovely mover just lost out to the dog puppy in the challenge who had another five months of maturity and togetherness. Interested to see that she is very closely bred and from the same breeder as my CC winner. I’m sure she will follow very closely in her Kennelmates footsteps. BPB.
  2. Morland’s Zoraden Gossip Girl
    8 month old Blue Brindle/White Trim, unlucky to meet above today, another quality youngster who is more mature than the winner, well-constructed throughout and in good hard condition. The class winner just, for me, had more topline and style on the move.
  3. Reed and Pace’s Dejare Dreaming On and On

Puppy Bitch 7 (1 abs)

  1. Mycroft, Mycroft, Morris and Waddell’s Crosscop California From Supeta
    10 month old Fawn/White Trim, very pretty head and dark eye, pleasing outline which she kept well on the move, good length with nice front and hind co-ordination. Lovely front and hind movement which won her the class, still has that lovely puppy immature way about her. ResBP.
  2. Short’s Collooney Celeste
    Fawn Brindle, half sister of winner, slightly taller and more rangy, feminine throughout, excellent length, body and depth, just preferred the front angulation and side movement of above.
  3. Cooper’s Crosscop Im Always Yours At Ballauren

Junior Bitch 5 (3 abs)

  1. Tyson’s Starceylon Regina Di Quadri J.W
    15 month old Fawn Brindle/white trim. Feminine youngster, nice dark eye, excellent size and overall balance but topline could be better on the move. Moved soundly front and rear, still quite immature, well handled to win this class.
  2. Whitmore’s Kierpark Power of Love At Whitleara
    11 month old Brindle/white parti, very nicely constructed hound who has a lot to like about her, looked great standing with a correct top line, I preferred her style to above, but totally unable to assess her movement as she was having a totally uncontrollable naughty day! I’m sure when she manages to keep all four feet on the ground, she will do well.

Yearling Bitch 5

  1. Jones’ Jothryn Manhatten Blonde
    Just 12 month old Fawn Brindle, very special youngster, I liked everything about her, she is correct throughout, size, body, front and hind angulation, topline and movement. Although she started off in the class being very cold, she soon settled and made the best of herself, especially in the challenge, pleased to award her the reserve CC amongst very hot competitionand one I am sure will gain her title easily.
  2. Hoskin’s Shellsue Jingling Jenny
    21 month old Fawn, slightly taller and heavier throughout than winner, but another quality youngster who has excellent overall conformation. Sound easy mover, she kept her topline well on the move, pressed winner hard in the class as she was coping with the cold conditions better.
  3. Booker’s Longmire Bring Me Sunshine

Novice Bitch 6 (1 abs)

  1. Short’s Collooney Bellissima Bloom
    9 month old, very striking Black/White Trim, tall stylish puppy who is half sister to the Junior winner, nice dark eye, has good overall balance, good length and outline, nicely bodied and shown in hard muscular condition. Still immature but easily out moved her classmates.
  2. Reed and Pace’s Dejare Dreaming On And On
    8 month old Fawn/White, very pretty head and eye, nice size and outline, good depth and good front and hind co-ordination. Placed third in Minor Puppy Bitch, out moved in this class.
  3. Walker’s Runaround Rosetta Of Shoalingham

Graduate Bitch 11 ( 5 abs)

Had a few wild fronts and flat toplines in this class.

  1. Jones’ Jothryn Manhatten Blonde
    As before.
  2. Tristram’s Pagarnis Princess Elsa
    2 ½ year old feminine Fawn well balanced head with lovely eye, not as elegant as above, but preferred her movement and overall style to her other classmates, kept her topline well at all times.
  3. Dillon and Bray’s Cyangrange Indian Summer At Rainforest

Special Beginners Bitch 7 (3 abs)

  1. Cooper’s Crosscops Im Alwayz Yours At Ballauren
    10 month old litter sister to puppy winner, not dissimilar in style, pretty head and dark eye, nicely made throughout, feminine with good substance and bone. Best front and hind co-ordination in the class, moved well for such a cold day, won with ease.
  2. Skinner’s Whitesquall Mionetto
    Only 6 months Brindle/White, half sister to above, taller and more refined throughout, she has good length and hind angulation, good feet, still very immature in this competition.
  3. Robinson’s Whippiness Tornado Take Off

Post Graduate Bitch 9 (1 abs)

Another difficult class to assess, as quite a few more “wobbly” fronts, and flat toplines on the move.

  1. Wilton-Clarks’ Shalfleet Easter Sonnet JW
    Lovely 2 year old White/Brindle, my winner as she came into the ring, looks good both standing and moving. Excellent overall type and conformation., super heads and eye, very nice bitch to go over, and she is in “tip top” hard condition. Sound easy mover with correct topline. I have always admired this kennel and this excellent bitch is another example of consistently breeding quality hounds. Looked good in the challenge, just outshone on the day.
  2. Home and Fisher Home’s Jasarat Caramel Calypso JW
    2 year old Fawn, very nice head and expression, has good type and overall balance, correct topline, super hindquarters with low set hocks. Slightly preferred front angulation of above, but she moved with good style and ease to beat her other classmates. Lovely to see 2 J.W winners in this class, I know from experience how difficult how difficult this award is to achieve, especially in this numerically large breed.
  3. Mulligan’s Ashkyem Luv N Kisses

Limit Bitch 13 (4 abs)

Lovely class with some super hounds

  1. Sampson’s Dapperdiva Milk And Honey J.W
    Really striking dark Fawn/White bitch, one I have admired from the ringside and she is a pleasure to judge. Lovely size and very nicely constructed throughout. Pretty head and eye, correct length of neck into well-constructed shoulders. Good depth and length of body, well muscled and good sweep of hindquarters. Correct topline. Another who got better on the move as the class went on. Will watch her future with interest.
  2. Stephen’s Jasteal Goddess Of Godrevy
    4 ½ year old mature Fawn/White. Quality, very pretty hound who was unlucky to meet the winner today. Lovely head and expression, dark eye, has excellent overall type and very together on the move. She was not disgraced in this very nice class.
  3. Jones’ Jothryn Black Eyed Blond

Open Bitch 10 (1 abs)

Another top quality class.

  1. Green and Ratcliffes’ Crosscop Bumble Bee By Arrodare
    Still only a youngster at 2 ½ years old, this gorgeous Fawn/White really stole the show for me today. I loved everything about her, she is so true to type, no extremes, just a lovely feminine, classy hound, who for me, has all the essentials. Excellent overall conformation, so sound front and rear, she moves with such ease and elegance. Very pleased to award her the CC, apparently her fourth and I was very proud of her in the challenge. My co judge and I agreed on the dog for BIS, but I still preferred my Bitch on the stand, I think she had just about had enough of the day, and she just did not move with the zeal that she had shown earlier in the Bitch classes, but 2 lovely hounds that their owners and breeders should be proud of.
  2. Woods’ Ch Crosscop She’s A Lady At Ardencot
    More mature at 4 years, this lovely Fawn/White is half sister to above, and very similar in style, not over exaggerated in any way, and is a top quality hound. Lovely head and eye, excellent overall balance and type. Sound, easy mover, pressed hard for the Reserve CC.
  3. Yacoby-Wright’s Ch Cobyco City Lights

Open Racing/Lure Coursing Bitch 6 (1 abs)

  1. Sampson’s Shiny Sensations For Your Eyes Only To Dapperdiva ( Imp NDL)
    Very stylish Fawn Brindle, at eight years old she is very feminine with pretty head and dark eye. Has good size, length and topline, excellent front and hind co-ordination. Moves soundly coming towards me, lacked a little drive behind, placed third in Veteran Bitch.
  2. Osborne’s Loroli Lifes A Rollercosta At Derohan
    3 ½ year old Brindle, not dissimilar in style to the winner, slightly taller, stands over a lot of ground , sound, easy mover in excellent hard condition.
  3. Robinsons’ Whippiness Tornado Takeoff
    Placed third in Special Beginners Bitch.

Judge: Jenny Dove

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