Bitch Critique for The Whippet Club Members Limited Show Saturday 20th January 2024

January 20 2024 Line Up

Class 13: Minor Puppy Bitch (5)

  1. (101) Mrs S Wignall Starswift Seductress
    A mature pretty fawn 8-month-old girl. Lovely head, neck to withers, with good rise over the loin for a young one. Well filled in front deep brisket with good balance between front & rear. Covers the ground well when stacked and on the move. Maturity will bring more drive on the move. Over-all a lovely puppy.
  2. (93) Mrs EC Walker Runaround Rosetta of Shoalingam
    A lovely 7-month-old fawn girl, who showed herself well for a youngster. Sweet head with bright eyes & rose ears. Slightly upright at the shoulders, but with time I’m sure will define with maturity. Smooth under & over lines showing good tuck up & rise over loin. Moved well both coming & going but felt 101 had slightly more depth of chest and power on the move.

Class 14: Puppy Bitch (2)

  1. (85) Ms M Thomas Bowdonia Sky full of Stars
    A Lovely 10-month parti brindle. Very feminine, gentle girl with a good head, lovely length of neck flowing nicely into the shoulders to croup, leading to well angulating stifles. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Good spring of pastern with lovely, knuckled feet. Moved well around the ring showing power & drive for a young girl. A Bright future full of stars! (Awarded Best Puppy Bitch)
  2. (26) Mrs R Hambling Chaseover Bellini
    A sweet 10-month-old parti-red fawn with a beautiful face. Equal muzzle to occiput, eyes & ears well placed with well laid-back shoulders & blade of bone. Well covered throughout showing her beautiful lines. I felt today she did not show herself off around the ring as 83 but was a close call between the 2.

Class 15: Junior Bitch (5:1)

  1. (27) Mrs R Hambling Chaseover Paloma (puppy)
    A sweet 10 month old parti-fawn puppy in this Junior class. She held her own well against the slightly older girls. Appeared a little upright to the shoulders but feel this will righten as she matures. Smooth lines from head to tail. Good fill to front, tucked up well to her hips through to her broad & firm 1st & 2nd thighs. Well knuckled feet. Moved well throughout coming & going and good foot placement in profile.
  2. (8) Miss A M Bayley Whisterfield Grace Notes
    A gorgeous Brindle lady with a lovely head leading to strength of neck & a smooth curvaceous topline to good turn of stifle. With a good depth of chest & tuck up, however I felt that 27 had more drive today & power on the move.

Class 16: Maiden Bitch (2)

  1. (101) Mrs S Wignall Starswift Seductress
    Winner of class 13
  2. (104) Miss V L Wood Citycroft Prime Suspect at Ardencote
    A lovely brindle girl, overall, showing petit head with good expression & alertness. Her lovely S lines drew your eyes over her body until she slightly fell away at the croup. On the move she could have moved a bit faster to show her topline in profile and foot placement. Again, in the stack, getting her use to standing covering the ground without straightening the stifles. She is a lovely girl.

Class 17: Novice Bitch ()

Class 18: Graduate Bitch (8:1)

  1. (77) Miss K D Saxby Sandspring Sea Coral
    A Beautiful parti-fawn. Head & neck showing good strength leading into well laid-back shoulders with correct placement of withers to elbow. Covered ground well with good length of body showing smooth lines. A little straight in the stifles but hocks well let down. Power on the move showing good return of upper arm, foot placement. Good extension on the move at the front with power from behind.
  2. (87) Miss C Tristram Pagarni’s Princess Elsa
    A pretty fawn with a good head to muzzle length, alluring eyes with lovely rose ears. Stood well with no exaggeration of pasterns or stifles. Lovely knuckles. Showed good depth of brisket but looked a little high on the rise over the loin. This could have been a relaxation issue so a little more smoothing over her top line on standing may well allow for this area to relax down. Overall, a lovely compact girl.

Class 19: Post Graduate Bitch (4)

  1. (58) Mrs C Osborne Loroli Lifes a Rollercoasta at Derohan
    A delightful brindle lady . Head to neck good length leading into good width of withers & laid-back shoulder. Colour can be deceptive, but hands on could feel a graceful topline through to strength into the 1st & 2nd thighs. On the move, she was one of the best of the day. Moved effortlessly across the ground, gliding with purpose and charisma. (Awarded Best Bitch and Reserve Best in show)
  2. (86) Ms & Mrs A, Thomas & Halliday Brochinbelle ooh la la at Bowdonia
    An Attractive cream brindle Lady. Correct head to muzzle length with length & strength from occiput to withers leading to good depth of chest and correct arm placement. Lovely tuck up & rise over loin to good muscular first & second thighs to well knuckled feet. A close contender to 58 moved well both in profile & coming & going but today the movement competition was won by 58. Otherwise, I would have placed her first in this class.

Class 20: Limit Bitch (6:1)

  1. (76) Miss K D Saxby Runaround Amazing Grace with Sandspring
    A Pretty fawn girl with lovely lines throughout. Standing well with good coverage of the ground. Correct head which flowed through to her body & down to powerful thighs to well knuckled feet. On the move she showed power with good foot placement and extension through the arms with drive from behind. A difficult choice between these 2 Girls.
  2. (50) Miss A Moreland Zoraden You Are My Universe JW.
    Another beautiful compact girl. A lovely head with correct bite, eyes & ears. Flowing from neck both visually & hands on. A curvaceous lady but felt was holding a little bit of weight today. Power from 1st & second thighs allowed for drive on the move giving propulsion forward with good return of upper arm. So difficult to choose between the 76 & 50!

Class 21: Open Bitch (4:1)

  1. (57) Mrs C Osborne Florancy Above & Beyond Derohan JW
    A fabulous brindle girl, pretty face, with good shoulders, blade of bone & correct fore feet. Good length of body with smooth curves over the topline to tail. Strength through thighs to hind feet. Moved with ease across the ground with great propulsion from the rear.
  2. (89) Mrs B E C Trouton City Croft Grace Kelly of Runnel JW
    A stunning parti fawn lady. Was a difficult choice between the two dogs. She showed herself well with bright eyes & alertness. Great fill in and depth of chest giving plenty of heart room. Curvaceous girl with good muscle throughout and power on the move. Keeping forelegs low over the ground with good foot placement. I felt today that 50 showed kept her topline more on the move.

Class 22: Veteran Bitch (9:2)

  1. (82) Mrs V J Smith Welstar Airs & Graces at Cryhavoc
    This 7 ½ year old Lady showed elegance both on the Stack and the move. Well-muscled throughout with gorgeous head, strong shoulder into good spring of pasterns. Smooth lines with good rise over the loin, depth of chest with room between the last ribs to tail. Moved around the ring with grace & power.
  2. (39) Messrs Jones & Timberlake Railfield Rainlookout
    A beautiful lady at 8 ½ , still has it! I felt she smiled all the time. It was a difficult decision between these 2 girls but felt 82 had better spring of pasterns. Correct head with happy eyes & rose ears. Lovely length of body standing over the ground well. Well-muscled and again on the move, kept good low movement & propulsion from behind.

Class 23: Special Open Racing Bitch (3:1)

  1. (31) Mrs S Hoddiness Sandspring Sea Hawk
    Powerful compact fawn lady, good head to muzzle length. Strength of neck leading into powerful shoulders. Deep brisket with well sprung ribs and good length of body with a steady rise over the loin leading into powerful broad 1st & 2nd thighs with good stifles & let down hocks. Moved well showing power & drive from behind, but slightly reduced reach of forearm. This could improve with walking on slightly quicker.
  2. (69) Miss T Robinson Whippiness Tornado Takeoff
    A well-muscled parti-black girl. Strong jaw , head, and length of neck. Shoulders strong with good spring of pasterns but a bit short in the body falling away a little over the croup compared to 31. However, she had worthy 1st & 2nd thighs with turn of stifle and balance into well knuckled feet. On the move, showed strength & propulsion but lost topline, however you can see she is a compact powerful whippet.

Class 24: Special Open Lure Coursing Bitch (6:1)

  1. (58) Mrs C Osborne Lorili Lifes a Rollercoasta at Derohan
    (Winner of Class 7) Best Bitch & Reserve best in Show.
  2. Miss C Soffe Penbriar Rocket Star
    A strong pretty brindle lady with a curvy body. Lovely head with good length from occiput to withers & well positioned shoulders leading into moderate blade of bone and good spring of pasterns. Body length appeared a little short but did have firm muscular thighs allowing for power & propulsion on the move. I felt 58 had more drive on the go with a better length of body.

Best BitchLoroli Life’s A Rollacoasta at Derohan
Reserve Best BitchBrochinbelle Ooh La La at Bowdonia
Best Puppy BitchBowdonia Sky Full of Stars
Best Veteran BitchWelstar Airs and Graces at Cryhavoc
Best in ShowRanveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair
Reserve Best in ShowLoroli Life’s A Rollacoasta at Derohan
Best Puppy in ShowZoraden Master Baker
Best Veteran in ShowWelstar Airs and Graces at Cryhavoc

Judge: Sarah De Lacey Munday

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