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3rd WCRA Championships and Veteran Crowns, 6 AUGUST 2015 at The Whippet Meadow, Detling. 170 yards straights; veterans 150 yards at 1/2 yd/lb & yd/yr.

Whippets racing

First of all huge credit to the guys who worked so hard to produce a good running surface. Effectively zero grass growth since the last Champs and naturally the bunnies preferred the track to the infield – the grass tastes MUCH nicer – but despite all that Ray and team of helpers conjured a decentracecourse. Careful watering gave us good going and no injuries reported.

To the racing. Three new titles, congratulations to The Poet, Leavit to Me and Fun Lovin’. Ameesha Little Ebs won her third weight class in the 18lb group while Satin Secret secured her “half” in the 20-pounders. A well-deserved title – he’s been knocking on the door a while now – for The Poet in the 22lb class, he turned round a second place in his heat. Then all the way from Scotland, the 24lb winner Blue Dynamite Girl made the Thomsons’ trek well worthwhile.

Fenland Whisper also made it three weight class wins in the 26lb group, while the 28lb final gave us the most impressive winner of the day, LeavitTo Me coming home a rattling five lengths in front of a good field, trap to line.

The two brothers Nip & Tuck and Markamy’s Red Fred continued to dominate the 30lb and 32lb classes and then it was on to the veterans. First the 6-7 year olds; Fun Lovin’ (The Poet’s mum) was beaten in her heat but no mistake in the final as she added a Veteran Crown to her WCRCh title in the lightweights. Sapphire’s Gem a more than capable understudy to her sister to take the middleweights; Topaz usually “cleans up” the field but Gem is a fine racer in her own right. A special mention here for second place Stripey Nancy, probably the best she’s ever run.

The heavyweight group was won for the second time by Game On, a classy veteran in anyone’s books. In the seniors, both winners, Pretty Color and Blade Bunny closed proceedings by backing up their wins in the 1st Veteran Crowns, so unusually just the one new veteran title.

Well done to all the dogs and see you all on 4 October!


N/E 18 lb  
1stWCRCh Ameesha Little EbsBusby Babe x Stokecourcy Hazel at AmeeshaE. Villis
2stGreat Fun*
3rdAmeesha Red Rascal
WCRCh Ameesha Little Ebs, Ameesha Red Rascal
N/E 20 lb  
1stSatin Secret*Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Our Little DinkC. Brown
2stCheeky Devil*
3rdTinkers Moondancer
4thWCRCh Jett Black
Hts: Sapphire’s Carnelian, Cheeky Devil*, Satin Secret
S/F: Satin Secret, *Cheeky Devil
N/E 22 lb  
1stWCRCh The PoetChalkners Sensational x Chalkners Fun Lovin’ Dave Favell
2stBlue Diamond
3rdGuyes Goldilocks
4thAmeesha Magikmonkey
Hts: Ameesha Magikmonkey, Blue Diamond
N/E 24 lb  
1stBlue Dynamite Girl* Black and White Dynamite x Goodad Storm BurstM. Thomson
2stWCRCh Satin Sunshine
4thSecrets & Lies
Hts: Raffles, Secrets & Lies, Blue Dynamite Girl
S/F: Blue Dynamite Girl, WCRCh Satin Sunshine
N/E 26 lb  
1stWCRCh Fenland WhisperDrawn To Me x Carlstream PopstarP. Billingham
Hts: WCRCh Fenland Whisper, Radar
N/E 28 lb  
1stWCRCh Leavit To MeChalkners Flaming Arrow x Dusttown Fairy Tale; J. McLoughlin
2stWCRCh Scallywag
4thLaw & Order
Hts: WCRCh Scallywag, Leavit To Me*
N/E 30 lb  
1stWCRCh Nip 'n TuckChalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star AdditionP. Gant
2stI’ze One More Rags
3rdMax Attraction*
Hts: I’ze One More rags, WCRCh Nip ‘n Tuck
N/E 32 lb  
1stWCRCh Markamy's Red FredChalkners Flaming Arrow x Goodad Star AdditionD & S. Bursey
2stStar Attraction*
Hts: WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred, Star Attraction*
Veterans 6 to 7 years N/E 20 lb  
1stWCRCh VC Fun Lovin'Burst Into Flame x Chalkners Fun To RunL. Turner
2ndVC Summerleaze*
3rdTinkers Gypsy Joe
Hts VC Summerleaze Bay*, Tinkers Gypsy Joe
Veterans 6 to 7 years N/E 25 lb  
1stWCRCh VC Sapphire's GemRun At Mill x Sunlay Star Of SapphiresA. Parker
2ndStripey Nancy
3rdFatal Attraction*
Hts: Stripey Nancy, WCRCh VC Sapphire’s Gem
Veterans 6 to 7 years N/E 32 lb  
1stWCRCh VC Game OnMarch Wind x Goodad Like A ButterflyP. Gant
2ndMarkamy’s Marley
3rdFlash Back
4thGuye’s Gone Fishing
Hts: Flash Back, WCRCh VC Game On
Veterans 8yrs and over N/E 25 lb  
1stVC Pretty ColorNicadale Satin Spirit x China LadyG. Cairns
2stSatin Sundown
3rdWhite Stiletto
Hts: Pretty Color, Satin Sundown
Veterans 8yrs and over N/E 32 lb  
1stVC Blade BunnyJust Dandy x Princess DreamerS. Moore
Hts: Blade Bunny

View the winners photos on our Photo Gallery page

Photographs © WCRA Official Photographer: Chris Doyle

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