3RD WCRA Championships and 2nd Veteran Crowns Full Write-up and Results

At Heart Of England PWRC on 6th August 2023

150 yards straights; veterans 145 yards at ½yd/lb plus yd/yr

3rd WCRA Championships 2023 at Heart of England

Think back to last August, 100-degree heat, cancelled race meetings, scorched grass.

Reality for us was a sodden August Saturday, no joke when setting-up – thanks to the Club whose ground team worked tirelessly in atrocious conditions – the copious cups of tea and coffee (with biscuits) definitely helped. However, the racetrack look great!

Heart of England club, they’re a committed team with hospitality second to none. They’d set up no less than six slow-cookers, including contributions from Lynn Hunter, and once we’d all seen to our dogs it was our turn to enjoy a lovely selection of casseroles and curries, which was so appreciated. It was a great evening; full of laughs, lovely company and fab food; not forgetting the spiced rum and coke.

Next morning, it was the canteen ladies’ turn, they really do us proud, full English breakfast set us up very nicely for the weigh-in, 135 whippets entered and 122 running.

Luckily for us and the racers, Sunday turned out warm and sunny – what a relief!

Before starting racing we observed a minute’s silence for Gary Baldock, our former long-serving Racing Manager. His enduring gift to us is the electronic timing system he devised way back, well over twenty years ago, and still in use to this day.

Five whippets contested the 16lb group, the largest number for a long time, with Liz and Richard Villis’ WCRCh A Touch Of Sass coming home ahead of Andy Browne’s *Sidari Tilly. The first leg of a Villis double.

The second leg, the 18lb final was also a kennel Villis 1-2. *Ameesha Born To Run, litter-sister to the 16lb winner, beat Auntie WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket, denying her the outright group record but also making sure grandma WCRCh VC Ameesha Little Ebs still had a share, a bit of a balancing act! Just think on it, between them they’ve dominated the group for ten years (and counting). Liz and Richard, well done – what an accomplishment.

Next race, weight group records remained the theme when Allan Parkhurst’s WCRCh Sweet Secret won her seventh 20lb final (five straights, two bends) to share honours with that grand campaigner, Jane Rankin’s WCRCh Talk Of The Devil who’s held the accolade since 2008. She beat the Hunters’ *Zikomo Go-Quick half a length with Mike Head & Ilid Davies’ Along Came Betty another half-length back, a great race. Dave and Lynn gained compensation next final when WCRCh Tiana prevailed in a high-class contest against Grant Burton & Eliie Stacey’s Gee Gee, Sarah Layfield’s Winterfell What The Heck and Vince & Sarah Hart’s Charlie Brown.

3rd WCRA Championships Racing 1

Nicola & John Walton’s *Gimme Delight won in a blanket finish to take the 24lb group unbeaten from Peter Leadbetter & Christine Kerrington’s Ace Of Spades and the Hunters’ WCRCh Brontë, Louise Fisher’s Dazzle Dee a close fourth.

The 26lb group was also very competitive and a popular win for John & Sheila Strain’s youngster *Return Of The Mac. He’s shown good form for some weeks now. Unbeaten, all his races were close. In his heat he edged out eventual runner-up, the Gilfeathers’ fine dog *Mista T. In his semi Christine’s and Mark’s Ryamber Room At The Top (the eventual 4th) ran him to a head. In the final he won by a neck and a nose, the Brearleys’ *Murphy’s Gold taking a close third.

Holly Mclean and Toby Wood’s *Do You Love Me, who only started trialling this spring, took the 28lb group on this his first try at the Championships at three and a half. With a bare handful of races under his belt so far, it’ll be interesting to see how he develops. He won by half a length, the same and one length from Mark & Charlotte Bursey’s Mach’s Kamikaze Mars, Ruth Mabb’s WCRCh One For Arthur and Viv Thurman’s WCRCh Dance With The Devil. To say Jacquie Mullin was excited with the win for her niece was an understatement!!

The 30lb group was a comfortable win for Kevin Coe’s and Keeley Bradshaw’s WCRCh Moonlight Millie, fully exploiting her good trap, from the Gilfeathers’ Gimme It All, Dave & Sandra Burseys’ Markamy’s Reddie Eddie (six in November) and Dave Williams’ youngster Tess The Pest who’s progressing nicely.

3rd WCRA Championships Racing 2

The 32lb final brought the only new Racing Champion of the day, Sean & Barbara Lee’s WCRCh Selby Lad who’s been in great form this year. He certainly had to pull out all the stops – runner-up was Dennis & Pearl Bache’s WCRCh Daddy’s Boy with Machs White Toed Brodes (3rd) and Dazzle Hurricane (4th). Selby Lad also won the Fastest Time Rosette with a 9.35 in his semi final.

On to the Veteran Crowns. First, Sarah Layfield’s VC *Winterfell Must Be Crazy ran a solo to win the 6/7yrs lightweights. Then in the middleweights, Dave & Carole Cuttler’s WCRCh VC Call Me Enchanting gained her “full set” against Christine Howard’s classy, ever-dependable Ryamber Stan The Man. Both are new veterans and I wouldn’t be surprised if both have a good run.

Another relative newcomer to the senior ranks, Dave Favell’s WCRCh VC Lovely Jubbly also won his VC at first attempt in a tough heavyweight group, beating Maggie & Jon Brearley’s fine WCRCh VC Feilly’s Gold, my WCRCh The Cooler King (so pleased with him) and littermate to winner, the Todmans’ “O” Fly On. With The Cooler King also her breeding, Pat Gant had the pleasure of watching three of her progeny running up in a big final and trapping the winner.

The senior veterans were smaller classes but the quality was there. Andy Browne’s classy VC Sidari Tegan defended the lightweight group from Lindsey Stevenson’s Lighthouse Silver Springs who made the long trek from Stithian near Truro to compete. In the middleweights, Christine Howard’s WCRCh VC Ryamber Something Different added a Veteran Crown title when she beat Ruth Mabb’s Trueloveways and Dave & Lynn’s Jessie J. For all three it was their last race and lovely for them to sign off together, enjoy your retirement.

Three quality whippets in the heavyweights; Dave & Lynn’s fine WCRCh VC Zola Go-Quick won a close final to gain her veteran title, just shading out Gary Hogan’s VC The Quiet Man with Dave & Carole’s VC *Call Me Amazing, just back from injury only a length down at the line.

All in all, a most enjoyable day but only possible due to the many people who help us – we are most appreciative and grateful.

Mark Etheridge Reporting.

Full Results


3rd WCRA Championships NE 16lb Weight Group Winner

NE 16lb

  1. WCRCh AMEESHA A TOUCH OF SASS (Ameesha As Good As Gold – Devil Hall of Fame x Ameesha Blue). Owner : Liz Villis (time 10.10)
  2. *Sidari Tilly
  3. Riverside Nefertiti
  4. WCRCh(s) Mamma Mia

Heat Wins:- *Sidari Tilly, WCRCh Ameesha A Touch Of Sass

3rd WCRA Championships NE 18lb Weight Group Winner

NE 18lb

  1. *AMEESHA BORN TO RUN (Ameesha Ocean Breeze – Devil Hall Of Fame x Ameesha Blue Spirit). Owner: Liz Villis (time 10.04)
  2. WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket
  3. Forever Keen
  4. Zinghela Go-Quick

Heat Wins: Ameesha Born To Run, Forever Keen, Zinghela Go-Quick, WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket
Semi Final Wins: Ameesha Born To Run, WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket

3rd WCRA Championships NE 20lb Weight Group Winner

NE 20lb

  1. WCRCh SWEET SECRET (Chalkners Sweet Destiny – Chalkners Secrets and Lies x Secret Smile at Chalkners). Owner: Allan Parkhurst (time 9.98)
  2. *Zikomo Go-Quick
  3. Along Came Betty

WCRCh My Girl Enfys (wdn)

Heat Wins: WCRCh Sweet Secret, Ameesha Black Beauty, WCRCh My Girl Enfys, *Zikomo Go-Quick
Semi Final Wins: WCRCh Sweet Secret, Along Came Betty

3rd WCRA Championships NE 22lb Weight Group Winner

NE 22lb

  1. WCRCh TIANA (Ryemeadows Tayer – Medlarway Dragon’s Breath x Ryemeadows Ziggy). Owners: Dave & Lynn Hunter (time 9.64)
  2. Gee Gee
  3. Winterfell What The Heck
  4. Charlie Brown

Heat Wins: Charlie Brown, Winterfell What The Heck, WCRCh Tiana, Gee Gee
Semi Finals: WCRCh Tiana, Winterfell What The Heck

3rd WCRA Championships NE 24lb Weight Group Winner

NE 24lb

  1. *GIMME DELIGHT (Kentwone Lalande – Freasley’s Archer x Sheer Bliss). Owners: Nicola & John Walton (time 9.94)
  2. Ace Of Spades
  3. WCRCh Brontë
  4. Dazzle Dee

Heat Wins: Dazzle Dee, Ace Of Spades, WCRCh Brontë, Gimme Delight
Semi Finals:  WCRCh Brontë, Gimme Delight

3rd WCRA Championships NE 26lb Weight Group Winner

NE 26lb

  1. *RETURN OF THE MAC (Mac Dash – Rorross Brambers Flyer x Danger Mouse) Owners: John & Sheila Strain (time 9.79)
  2. *Mista T
  3. *Murphy’s Gold
  4. Ryamber Room At The Top

Heat Wins: Lollipop White Lightning, Ryamber Room At The Top, *Murphy’s Gold, Return Of The Mac
Semi Final wins:  *Mista T, Return Of The Mac

3rd WCRA Championships NE 28lb Weight Group Winner

NE 28lb

  1. *DO YOU LOVE ME (Ryamber Brown Eyed Boy – Ryamber Living The Dream x Ryamber In The Long Run). Owners: Holly Mclean & Toby Wood (time 9.96)
  2. Mach’s Kamikaze Mars
  3. WCRCh One For Arthur
  4. WCRCh Dance With The Devil

Heat Wins: Crom A Boo, *Cairdean Chucklehead, Do You Love Me, WCRCh One For Arthur
Semis: WCRCh Dance With The Devil, Mach’s Kamikaze Mars

3rd WCRA Championships NE 30lb Weight Group Winner

NE 30lb

  1. WCRCh MOONLIGHT MILLIE (Elliemays Millie – Jolly Pocher x Rudy’s Rock ‘N Roller). Owners: Kevin Coe & Keeley Bradshaw (time 9.52)
  2. Gimme It All
  3. Markamy’s Reddie Eddie
  4. Tess The Pest

Heat Wins:  Danger Dash, Gimme It All, WCRCh Moonlight Millie, Wellington Blu It Is
Semi Final Wins:  WCRCh Moonlight Millie, Tess The Pest

3rd WCRA Championships NE 32lb Weight Group Winner

NE 32lb

  1. WCRCh SELBY LAD (new Champion) (Goodad Media Storm – Goodad Across The Bay x Goodad High Revving Bird). Owners: Sean & Barbara Lee (time 9.52)
  2. WCRCh Daddy’s Boy
  3. Machs White Toed Brodes
  4. Dazzle Hurricane

Heat Wins: Machs White Toed Brodes, WCRCh Daddy’s Boy, *Selby Lad
Semi Final Wins: *Selby Lad, Dazzle Hurricane

Fastest Time Rosette: WCRCh Selby Lad, 9.35 in his semi-final.

Veteran Crowns

6/7 years:-


3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 6-7yrs 14-20lb Weight Group Winner


  1. (Winterfellin Must Be Crazy – Winterfellin Tinkers Lad x Winterfellin Frosted Dawn). Owner: Sarah Layfield (time 9.87)

Heat Win: VC *Winterfell Must Be Crazy.

3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 6-7yrs 21-25lb Weight Group Winner


  1. WCRCh VC CALL ME ENCHANTING (new Veteran Crown) (Freasley’s Lady Wizard – Drawn To Me x Lucky Me. Owners: Dave & Carole Cuttler (time 9.87)
  2. Ryamber Stan The Man
  3. WCRCh Twilight Twiggy
  4. Victory V

Heat Wins: Ryamber Stan The Man, Victory V

3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 6-7yrs 26-32lb Weight Group Winner


  1. WCRCh VC LOVELY JUBBLY (new Veteran Crown) (Kensteen Highest Regards – Chalkners Gone For A Run x Carlstream Popstar). Owner: Dave Favell (time 9.76)
  2. WCRCh VC Feilly’s Gold
  3. WCRCh The Cooler King
  4. “O” Fly On

Heat Wins: WCRCh VC Feilly’s Gold, “O” Fly On, WCRCh Lovely Jubbly, True Colours.
Semi Final Wins: WCRCh Lovely Jubbly, “O” Fly On.

8/9 years:-

3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 8-9yrs 14-20lb Weight Group Winner


  1. VC SIDARI TEGAN (Twotoes Running Free – Billy On Show x Wheatroyd Running Wild). Owner: Andy Browne (time 10.38)
  2. Lighthouse Silver Springs
  3. Cairdean Laguna Luna

Heat Wins: VC Sidari Tegan, Cairdean Laguna Luna

3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 8-9yrs 21-25lb Weight Group Winner


  1. WCRCh VC RYAMBER SOMETHING DIFFERENT (new Veteran Crown) (Ryamber In The Long Run – Goodad Special Duty x Running In The Family At Ryamber). Owner: Christine Howard (time 10.31)
  2. Trueloveways
  3. Jessie J

Heat Wins: Trueloveways, WCRCh Ryamber Something Different

3rd WCRA Championships Veteran Crown 8-9yrs 26-32lb Weight Group Winner


  1. WCRCh VC ZOLA GO-QUICK (new Veteran Crown) (Ryemeadows Zola – Wagtail Flash In The Pan x Matchington Zula of Ryemeadows). Owners: Dave & Lynn Hunter (time 9.57)
  2. VC The Quiet Man
  3. VC *Call Me Amazing

Heat Wins: VC *Call Me Amazing, WCRCh Zola Go-Quick

Mark Etheridge reporting.

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