Main Weight Group Winners

Not Exceeding 16lb

WCRCh Sapphire's Peridot Owned by A. Parker

WCRCh Sapphire’s Peridot
Owned by Angela Parker

Not Exceeding 18lb

N/E 18lb Winner

WCRCh Great Fun
Owned by Linda Turner

Not Exceeding 20lb

N/E 20lb Winner

WCRCh Sapphire’s Queen’s Pearl
Owned by Angela Parker

Not Exceeding 22lb

N/E 22lb Winner

WCRCh Polly Flinders
Owned by Gavin Cairns

Not Exceeding 24lb

N/E 24lb Winner

WCRCh Ryamber Something Extra
Owned by Christine Howard

Not Exceeding 26lb

N/E 26lb Winner

WCRCh Fenland Whisper
Owned by Patricia Billingham

Not Exceeding 28lb

N/E 28lb Winner

WCRCh Scallywag
Owned by Pat Gant

Not Exceeding 30lb

N/E 30lb Winner

*Kai Kai
Owned by Jean Goode

Not Exceeding 32lb

N/E 32lb Winner

WCRCh Nip ‘n’ Tuck
Owned by George Ray

Veteran Crown Weight Group Winners

6-7yrs 14-20lb

Veterans 6 - 7yrs 14 - 20lb Winner

WCRCh VC Fun Lovin’
Owned by Linda Turner

6-7yrs 21-25lb

Veterans 6-7yrs 21-25lb Winner

VC Raffles
Owned by Ian German

6-7yrs 26-32lb

Veterans 6 - 7yrs 26 - 32lb Winner

WCRCh VC Flash in the Pan
Owned by Sheila Birch and Charlotte Gould

8-9yrs 14-20lb

8-9yrs 14-20lb Winner

VC Pretty Color
Owned by Gavin Cairns

8-9yrs 21-26lb

8-9yrs 21-26lb Winner

WCRCh VC Sapphire’s Queen’s Topaz
Owned by Angela Parker

8-9yrs 26-32lb

Veterans 8-9yrs 26-32lb Winner

WCRCh VC Sapphire’s Gem
Owned by Angela Parker

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