Bitches, Dogs, Vets, Consolation and Vets

 Top Bitch – July 2014

Bitch PlacingMain OpensTotal OpensTitleRacing Name
2192WCRChIt's Me
3162Ameesha Little Ebbs
4152Fenland Whisper
5132*Ryamber Something in the Air
6121*Polly Flinders
6122*Vensuter Muskogee Venture
8101Cosmic Light
8101*Nubs Shifter
8101*Maid At Mill
1192WCRChFun Lovin
1191Sonic Boom
1191Blue Dynamite Girl
1191*Vensuter Tennessee Venture

 Top Dog – July 2014

Dog PlacingMain OpensTotal OpensTitleRacing Name
1173*Jett Black
2172*Cheeky Devil
4132*Max Attraction
5122*Star Attraction
6101WCRChmarkamy's Black Bentley
7102Little Cracker
892Trust Me
981The Poet
981WCRChHighland Warrior's Laddie
981Sexy Dexy

 Top Veteran – July 2014

Veteran PlacingMain OpensTotal OpensTitleRacing Name
11532WCRCh VCWheatroyd Gambler Boy
481WCRCh VCMies Van Der Rohe
461* VCFemme Fatale
671Pretty Color
671WCRCh VCBaby Love
671* VCRiches 2 Rags
671All That Jazz
671Midnight Rose
1161Talk of the Town
1161Cornish Flame
1161Blithe Spirit

Consolation – July 2014

Consolation PlacingTotal ConsTitleRacing Name
18Guye's Goldilocks
18Ameesha Red Rascal
18Gambler Jack
47*The Were-Rabbit
56Ameesha Magikmonkey
56Mr Cooper
56Little Pocket Rocket
93Rudy Roo
102Simply Saffron
102The Poet
102Satin Sings
102Cadman Simply Red
102Flash Back
102Foxy Fern

 Veteran Cons – July 2014

Veteran Cons PlacingTotal VetVet ConsTitleRacing NamePedigree Name
181Harber CharmerNeala Stella
261Eyes PyeBali Hi
261Black SilkRaven of Frankia
441Campanula TottingtonSurrio Glamour Puss
511*Robbie 'O'Kentucky Coffee Tree
611Winterfell Lay Dee GreyWinterfell Lady Grey

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