1st WCRA Champions and Veteran Crowns – 6 JUNE 2021

Held at Ryemeadows PWRC. 150 yards straight; veterans ½yd/lb plus yard/year


Racing 1st Champs 2021 Header

NE 16lb Weight group winner

NE 16lb

*LUNA-TIC (Hebworth Beth Dobbin – Tarramoss Noah’s Lad x Hebworth Evelyn Ashford). Owners: Mike  & Joanne Dexter (time 10.66).
Heat win: Luna-Tic

NE 18lb Weight group winner

NE 18lb

WCRCh AMEESHA SUMMER ROCKET (Ameesha Indian Summer – Billy On Show x Ameesha Pure Spirit). Owner: Liz Villis (time 9.75)

2nd Winterfell Must Be Love
3rd  All About Me
4th Mamma Mia

Heat wins: WCRCh Ameesha Summer Rocket, Winterfell Must Be Love, All About Me.
Semi Finals: WCRCh Summer Rocket, Winterfell Must Be Love.

NE 20lb Weight group winner

NE 20lb

*MY GIRL ENFYS (Ryemeadows Enfys – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Ryemeadows Autumnal Colour). Owners: Dave & Lynn Hunter (time 9.70)

2nd London Girl
3rd Satin Sparkler
4th Ameesha Black Beauty.

Heat Wins: London Girl, Ameesha Black Beauty, My Girl Enfys.
Semi Finals: London Girl, Satin Sparkler.

NE 22lb Weight group winner

NE 22lb

*TIANA (Ryemeadows Tayer – Medlarway Dragon’s Breath x Ryemeadows Ziggy). Owners: Dave & Lynn Hunter (time 9.65)

2nd Glad All Over
3rd Ms Moneypenny
4th Odd One Out

Heat Wins: Zikomo Go-Quick, Glad All Over, Ms Moneypenny, Two In One.
Semi Finals: Ms Moneypenny, Glad All Over.

NE 24lb Weight group winner

NE 24lb

WCRCh CALL ME ENCHANTING (Freasley’s Lady Wizard – Drawn To Me x Lucky Me). Owners: Dave & Carole Cuttler (time 9.73)

2nd *Ryamber It’s Aw Reet
3rd Final Attraction
4th Mal Y Pense

Heat Wins: Final Attraction, *Call Me Enchanting, Winterfell Let Me Loose.
Semi Finals:  Final Attraction, *Call Me Enchanting.

NE 26lb Weight group winner

NE 26lb

*DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (Dance With The Devil – Devil Hall Of Fame x Black Pennel). Owner: Viv Thurman (time 9.61)

2nd Nancy Now
3rd Pushing The Limit
4th *Speed Limit

Heat Wins: Dance With The Devil, Now U Sia, *Speed Limit, Ryamber Fairytale.
Semi Finals:  Dance With The Devil, Nancy Now.

NE 28lb Weight group winner

NE 28lb

*ONE FOR ARTHUR (Goodad One For Arthur – Chalkners Go Getter x Bravepad Good Hope of Goodad). Owner: Ruth Mabb (time 9.59)

2nd WCRCh Lovely Jubbly
3rd Harry’s Gold
4th *Stormin’ Norman

Heat Wins: One For Arthur, *Stormin’ Norman

NE 30lb Weight group winner

NE 30lb

*BELIEVE IN ME (Stone Of Destiny – Star of Mountdillon x Goodad Chosen One). Owners: Alistair & Lynne Holmes (time 9.34).

2nd Markamy’s Reddie Eddie
3rd WCRCh Feillys Gold
4th Moonlight Millie.

Heat Wins:  Believe in Me, Markamy’s Reddie Eddie, WCRCh Feillys Gold.
Semi Finals: Believe In Me, Markamy’s Reddie Eddie.

NE 32lb Weight group winner

NE 32lb

*MOON GAZER GOLD (Moon Gazer Gold – Sri Tau Surprise x Goodad Bespoke Lady). Owner: Ian Brown (time 9.22).

2nd *Figaro
3rd First In Last Out
4th WCRCh The Cooler King

Heat Wins: First In Last Out, *Figaro, Moon Gazer Gold.
Semi Finals: Moon Gazer Gold, *Figaro.


Veteran 6-7yrs 14-20lb

6/7 years:


WCRCh VC TINKERS MOONDANCER (Little Miss Tinker – Wagtail Flash In The Pan x Frosty Footsteps). Owner: Sarah Mills (time 10.23).

2nd Winterfell Merry Mayhem
3rd Ameesha Just A Breeze
4th Cairdean Laguna Luna

Heat Wins: Ameesha Just A Breeze, Winterfell Merry Mayhem

Veteran 6-7yrs 21-25lb


WCRCh VC RYAMBER SPRING FEVER (Ryamber A Moment In Time – One Of Us x Ryamber My Blue Heaven). Owner: Christine Howard (time 9.31).

2nd WCRCh Ryamber Something Different
3rd Mojo Risin’
4th Jessie J

Heat Wins: WCRCh Ryamber Spring Fever, WCRCh Ryamber Something Different.

Vteran 6-7yrs 26-32lb


WCRCh VC RADAR (Boy Of The Mill – Run At Mill x Eddie’s Belle Of The Ball). Owner: Ian German (time 9.69).

2nd WCRCh Zola Go-Quick
3rd WCRCh Markamy’s Son and Air
4th The Quiet Man.

Heat Wins: WCRCh Zola Go-Quick, WCRCh Radar.

Veteran 8-9yrs 14-20lb

8/9 years:


WCRCh VC AMEESHA LITTLE EBS (Ameesha Pure Spirit – Busby Babe x Stokecourcy Hazel at Ameesha). Owner: Liz Villis (time 10.10).

2nd WCRCh Jett Black.

Heat Wins: WCRCh VC Ameesha Little Ebs, WCRCh Jett Black.

Veteran 8-9yrs 21-25lb


VC CALL ME LUCKY (Lucky Me – Chalkners Flaming Arrow x Our Little Dink). Owners: Dave & Carole Cuttler (no time).

2nd WCRCh VC Polly Flinders
3rd WCRCh The Poet
4th Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee

Heat Wins: WCRCh Polly Flinders, Winterfell Crazy Lay Dee.

Veteran 8-9yrs 26-32lb


VC WINTERFELLIN VANILLA SKY (Winterfellin Vanilla Sky – Goodad Blue Jack x Winterfell Lady Grey). Owner: Sue Meecham (time 10.06).

2nd WCRCh VC Scallywag
3rd WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred
4th *Max Attraction.

Heat Wins Winterfellin Vanilla Sky, WCRCh Markamy’s Red Fred.

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